10 Best Tourist Attractions In Mexico


Mexico is a massive country with lovely sandy beaches, magnificent scenery, and endless sunlight. There are many fascinating and unusual things to do which will light up your eyes and take your breath away. Look at this listing of the best places to go to in Mexico, which will potentially leave you yearning for more!



Cancun is for sure a paradise for sun worshippers and shore lovers. It’s also a paradise slice for history fans, thrill-seekers, and outdoor fans. Cancun provides many exciting activities which you could enjoy. Spend your day in the Tulum or on the Isla Mujeres island. If you like to scuba dive and snorkelling, then you can head into the Mesoamerican Barrier System. If you are also searching to get a pumping night-out, it is possible to visit Xoximilco. Here you may enjoy Mexican cuisine, music, and culture. Even swim with whale sharks in the Carey Dive Center in the Isla Mujeres. Cancun is an enjoyable place that could provide you with a memorable encounter.


The La Isla de las Munecas is your ideal place to come if you’re trying to find a surreal adventure in Mexico. This island has been the inception of a farmer, Don Julianna Santana. Julianna was haunted by the memories of a young woman who died on his island. Then he gathered dolls to finish his sacrifices and soothe the young woman’s soul.

A few of the dolls have lost heads, limbs, and even eyes. Additionally, they dangle from trees and wires throughout this island. That means that you can come here and see these countless creepy dolls, which make this area a true nightmare.


After autumn comes, grey whales migrate into the hot water of the Pacific coast of Mexico to give birth. The very best time to see whale households is at February and March. The whale-parents do not mind when tourists return for their kindergarten. And toddlers kids get so near the ship that you can get a chance to pat them.

If you’re a thrill-seeker, visit the island Guadalupe and dip with white sharks. From July to October, it is possible to dive 9 meters beneath the water and be protected from scary sharks just by the bars of this cage.


The Copper Canyon is a series of enormous canyons on the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains in Northern Mexico. It’s incredible geography, local native and cities. Tour this area and enjoy actions enjoy hiking, rafting, rappelling and mountain biking trails. It is possible to see the impressive Copper Canyon through a railway and also have a lifetime memory for several years to come. Visit Southwest Travel Funds and know everything before traveling in Mexico.


Stop by the many unusual Mexican memorial displays that you’ll find on the base of the Caribbean sea. The submerged Volkswagen Beetle, a guy sitting on the couch and watching TV, a tiny woman with a handbag in the palms and several other sculptures were put here to become a reef.

Generally, you can see here on 500 sculptures what causes this spot in Cancun, the initial and biggest underwater museum on the planet.


Oaxaca is generally cited as one of the cultural hubs of Mexico. Here you can indulge yourself in fascinating adventures as you research all Oaxaca. It is possible to see the Arnold del Tule, the broadest tree on Earth, which can be more than 2000 years old. Wander throughout the Superb disorderly markets of Oaxaca. Here you’ll see virtually anything. Spend a half-day climbing up the great Molten Alban pyramids and find a better glimpse of Oaxaca. Additionally, marvel in the prior spiritual centre of Milta Ruins and imagine what life was like.


Zocalo is the world’s largest public squares and beating heart of Mexico City. Throughout the colonial period, Zocalo functioned as a bullfighting stadium and market. The Zocalo is currently used for demonstrations, parades and festivals. Here you can take excellent photos during flag ceremonies daily and evening. Throughout winter, you can enjoy activities like snow, snow, sledging and ice skating. Additionally, see the Aura cleansing and see some streetside shrines and statues. Zocalo is the perfect location from which to begin exploring this historic town.


The Chichén Itza is among Mexico’s most renowned tourist attractions. It’s also found in the Yucatan Peninsula. By Cancun, it is possible to have a day trip from this particular Mayan ruin, with many tour options available. It’s possible to tour this place using a bus or even a leased car. Even though it could be simpler and more economical to ride a bus, it is possible to see the Cenote of Sacrifice among the famed flooding sinkholes of the Yucatan. Also, stop by the pyramid of Kukulcan, the seven basketball courts, the temple of Jaguars and the walls of skulls. Tour the Chichén Itza and also experience the Life Span of the Mayan universe.


The Cabo San Lucas is your ideal place if you are trying to party in Mexico. It’s among the world’s most well-known places for celeb sightings, festivals and festivals. Here you can hit on the dance floor at El Squid Roe, character watch at El Arco and browse at zippers. Additionally, dine with a dash in Mi Casa and receive your rock and roll at the Cabo Wabo.


The Guanajuato is very possibly the most scenic town in all of Mexico. It’s brightly coloured buildings, beautiful squares, and plazas. I would advise that you see the mummy museum, which houses 100 mummies bodies.

Wander throughout Diego Rivera’s home (a famed artist) that is currently a renowned art gallery. Additionally, take the funicular tram car up the face of the mountain. You’ll get rewarded with fantastic views across the town and the famous statue of Pipila (a neighbourhood hero). The Guanajuato is a town you will fall in love with.

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