10 Worthy Fashion Brands For Men And Women

men and women
men and women
men and women

Even though we’ve gotten used to presenting mainly men’s fashion brands, we regularly take a look at the women’s offer. We take the opportunity to analyze new trends, the main cuts and materials, and more broadly, the quality of the parts that result. Today, these mixed brands offer, for the most part, good basics, which could be found as much in the male wardrobe as in that of our dear and tender. Without further ado, here is our selection of the 10 ready-to-wear brands for men and women that are worth it (Branded Clothing).

American Vintage

When it was founded in 2005, American Vintage only offered a collection of t-shirts for women. Over time, it spread to a whole line of basics before taking on the guy. Today, the French brand is recognized for the quality of the materials it uses, especially cotton, which makes up most of its clothing.

American Vintage Man

American Vintage does mostly plain basic. We love t-shirts in all shades and in all shapes of really light collars. Ideal to be worn during the summer. The chinos are also well cut and the sweaters soft and warm.

American Vintage Woman

For women, the brand is more creative and remains a benchmark in the field. She dares to vary the patterns and shapes of her tops, dresses alongside her line of basics.


After COS, the Swedish group H&M launched Arket in 2017, a basic brand for men and women. Obviously, there are classic pieces, most often united and timeless. The offer is rather qualitative, the pieces may seem simple but the quality is quite correct. Small bonus, the brand also offers a children’s collection!

Arket man

It includes all the basics of the men’s wardrobe: coats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, t-shirts, chinos and even jeans. The price / quality ratio is especially interesting for those who wish to find classic pieces at an affordable price.

Arket woman

Just like for men, we will mainly find basics in solid colors. Note that for women, the brand offers more original cuts, especially oversized. Although there are of course some feminine pieces, we will notice that the collection is focused on the boyfriend trend. The over-shirts, faded jeans or even textured jackets and sweaters bear witness to this.

Beautiful rose

For those who do not know it (yet), Bellerose is a brand created in 1989 in Belgium by Patrick Van Heurck. Although the collection began with shirts, today the brand offers a complete wardrobe, both for men and women. Positioned in the mid-range, Bellerose remains a good alternative if you are looking for basic pieces with a touch of originality all the same. The prices are quite correct considering the parts.

Bellerose man

On the men’s side, we will find rather loose and comfortable pieces. The materials are interesting, especially denim, Japanese fleece or Italian twill. An alternative to more premium brands like APC or Norse Projects. In short, good basics revisited!


Founded in 2011, Everlane has always focused its discourse on transparency of places of manufacture, of price, but also on ethics. When it comes to products, we are only looking at dressing basics: shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, chinos, jeans and many other pieces. We are globally on the principle of timeless clothing renewed each season. The common points between the men’s and women’s collection are undoubtedly the solid colors and the minimalist spirit. Side finishes, these are quite correct. Thanks to the “direct to consumer” model, prices are lower than classic ready-to-wear.

Everlane man

The American brand offers a complete wardrobe for men, all in cuts that could be describe as classic or regular. The materials are often natural: cotton, merino wool, and cashmere. For men, we recommend Oxford shirts, merino pullovers, sweatshirts, or even chinos. It is towards this type of brand with a good quality/price ratio that we recommend buying some basics.


Harmony is a French brand launch in September 2014 on the initiative of designer David Obadia (also from BWGH). The first “Definition” collection refines, casual, and elegant. As for the materials, they are rigorously select and come from European workshops. Although Harmony originally had a high-end positioning at these prices, the brand has recently changed its pricing policy. We then find parts that are much more affordable than in the past.

Harmony man

We are clearly on beautiful basics: simple and elegant. The materials are interesting and the cuts rather close to the body. There is both a casual and casual / chic style. Something to satisfy the vast majority of men.

Harmony woman

Like the men’s department, the women’s collection is just as complete. Thus, there is a wide choice of basics: tops, pants, dresses, skirts, etc. The collection will delight women looking for a simple, minimalist style.


Levi’s is arguably one of the brands that have been offering closely related collections for women and men since its inception. Thus, we can of course cite the famous Levi’s 501 jeans or the traditional trucker jacket. What’s more, even if some pieces from the Levi’s collection are interesting, both men and women will be advise to look to the two premium lines of the American brand: Levi’s Made & Crafted and Levi’s Vintage Clothing. Of course, for lovers of “real” vintage and made in the USA, don’t hesitate to find second-hand pieces!

Levi’s homme

. Even if the collections contain less than fifty products each, they have the common point of offering beautiful finishes. For men who are looking for a weathered and weathered Levi’s 501, they will find what they are looking for at Vintage Clothing. On the contrary, those who appreciate the brand and want a resolutely modern piece and above all, in tune with the times, it is on the side of Made & Crafted that you should take a look!

Levi’s wife

There is also a certain enthusiasm for denim on the side of women’s fashion. Levi’s offers, through these two premium collections, a resolutely complete collection for women! Depending on styles and tastes, we can find the famous elephant-leg jeans, the bleached 501s from the 80s or even the boyfriend-style denim jackets.

House Standards

Maison Standards is a brand creat in 2012 by Uriel Karsenti. Very quickly, the founder opted for “direct to consumer” distribution. Thus, Maison Standards wishes to offer products at the fairest price. Like the American brand Everlane, Maison Standards has an approach of transparency concerning the places of production and the price of parts. Today, the French brand has considerably expand its range, now having a complete men’s wardrobe made up of quality pieces mainly made in Europe.

Men’s Standards House

Maison Standards is for men looking for beautiful basics and beautiful finishes. In addition to a good quality / price ratio, the cuts and materials are interesting. We particularly recommend their selvedge jeans, their sweaters and their Oxford shirts (for an always competitive price)!

House Standards woman

On the women’s side, there are both dressy and casual pieces. As for the cuts, unlike the previous brands which offered oversized pieces, we find here cuts much more curved and elegant.


No need to present Monoprix again. Even though the brand dates back to 1932, it was only from the 2000s that the ready-to-wear collections became interesting both from a style point of view and for their good value for money. Today, Monoprix offers very good basics at a competitive price. The pieces are well cut and made in beautiful materials. Note that on the underwear side, there is also something to satisfy the vast majority of men and women.

Monoprix man

At Monoprix, we will find interesting basics such as t-shirts, shirts, sweaters or even chinos. However, for jeans and chinos, we would recommend turning to other brands, but note that for the other pieces of the wardrobe, Monoprix remains an alternative brand.

Monoprix woman

On the women’s side, we find classic and plain tops just like for men. The majority of the pieces will correspond to the majority of the morphologies and especially, to all the ages. Thus, there are beautiful pieces among the entire offer. So don’t hesitate to take a look to find some interesting clothes.


At Noyoco, we mainly find collections with a minimalist style made from natural, organic, upcycled, or even recycled materials. The little extra of Noyoco is that since the start of the brand in 2016, the founders have wanted to limit the impact of their production on the environment. For this, the brand unearths raw materials on the side of the overproduction of certain luxury brands (forgotten rolls or canceled collections and Destin to destroy). We, therefore, find beautiful materials at relatively reduced prices.

Noyoco man

The men’s collection is sober and minimalist. It will easily orientate to men looking to dress in a discreet and sober way. The collection is relatively narrow, so here it will be a question of completing your wardrobe with pieces of original design and ample cuts. We particularly like their t-shirts and pants.

Noyoco woman

We find exactly the same guideline as to the men’s collection. However, it will note that most of the pieces fit into a masculine spirit with a touch of femininity. The materials are also rigorously select, which results in very beautiful clothes.


When you think of basics for men and women, you (almost) instantly think of the Japanese brand Uniqlo. Their offer is full of basics: t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, chinos, and many other pieces. Even if their variety of products and their prices may seem interesting, it will still be necessary to pay attention to the composition of certain pieces and the different cuts offered by the brand.

Uniqlo man

Uniqlo is gear towards those looking for entry-level basics for financial reasons or just those looking to complete their wardrobe. Take the example of a white t-shirt that will fit under a shirt or sweatshirt. Offers several cuts of pants and jeans, which can match different body types and styles.

Uniqlo woman

Uniqlo also offers essential pieces for women, such as plain tops, pants, jeans, or even blouses. The materials are generally comfortable and adapt to everyday situations. Many women find it an alternative to other fast-fashion brands in the clothing market.

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