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3d wall clock

3d wall clock

The movement of the watch forms the beating heart of any timepiece. The internal working mechanism plays an essential role in regulating simple or more complex functions such as chronographs. Since quartz movement to mechanical motion, and in the middle of a range of movements of the wrist watches, and not only that control our timepieces, each of which has its own set of unique features.

Let’s find out the differences between the types of wristwatch movements with this simple guide and see how your favorite watch works under its case.


Synonymous with the utmost craftsmanship, the traditional mechanical movement serves as the engine room for most luxury watches. Dive under the face of a mechanical wristwatch and you’ll find an intricate array of components that work harmoniously to deliver world-class timekeeping performance.

A spiral spring is wound by hand every day to store energy. A series of gears control time, swinging at a constant speed thanks to a balance wheel. This traditional method of watchmaking has been used in watches for hundreds of years and was first invented in the 16th century. 

The traditional mechanical movement is usually used on more expensive watches than its quartz counterpart, as it is meticulously handcrafted and revered for its craftsmanship quality. 


The brother of the traditional mechanical movement is undoubtedly the automatic mechanical movement (also called self-winding) and designed around a system in which energy is supplied by a spring. 

The difference is in how energy is extracted: automatic mechanical movement watches are powered by the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist. In practice, the mechanism swings on a pivot when the arm of the person wearing the watch moves.

The automatic watch movement was John Harwood’s brain in the 1920s – born out of the need for a watch that was resistant to dirt and did not get stuck in the winding system. Rolex’s new technology took the movement to another level in 1931, designed around an ingenious perpetual rotor system. 

To this day, Rolex’s automatic technology remains the benchmark of all modern self-winding watches.

Quartz technology came onto the scene in the 1960s and revolutionized watchmaking as we know it. 

Quartz movement watches, powered by the electricity supplied by a battery, send an electric current to a quartz crystal, which creates vibrations that power the clock hands. The hallmark of a quartz watch is the ticking of the second hand. Since its creation, the quartz movement has continued to dominate the fashion world with its exceptional precision and ease of maintenance. 

Furthermore, the batteries in this type of watch need much less attention, having an autonomy of 18 months up to two years.

3d wall clock are the perfect solution for anyone looking for an affordable, elegant and precise timepiece.


Harnessing the power of kinetic movement, the Kinetic system watch took the industry by storm when it was first introduced in 1986 by Seiko. With a flick of the wrist, the movement by the wearer is converted into electrical energy and stored in a self-charging battery. 

Advances were made during the late 1990s with the Kinetic Auto Relay, giving the Kinetic system the ability to keep time with real-world accuracy, even if not worn for up to four years.

Solar powered clocks and 3d wall clock

The sunlight powers these smart watches. The solar panels are hidden under the dial and are used to recharge the battery and keep the watch moving. Solar powered watches are accurate and easy to maintain and are an ecological choice as they eliminate the need to replace the battery. Roger Roehl introduced the first solar wristwatch, the “Synchronal”, to the market in 1968. Since then, a number of brands have supported this type of technology: Seiko, Citizen and Casio included.

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