4 Common Types of Cake Frostings You Should Know

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Common Types of Cake

Cakes are the central attraction of any occasion like a wedding, apart from the bride and the groom. Since a wedding is an important event in the lives of the people who are to spend their lives together, hence, everything about it should be perfect. And, since wedding cakes signify the new and sweet beginning to their new life, hence it should be exactly how you would have wanted it to be.

Good wedding cakes, exactly as you desire, are expensive, hence, it is important to plan your wedding budget accordingly, to get your desired wedding cakes. The more elegant and detailed as well as creatively innovative wedding cakes will lead to more time in baking, more craftsmanship, and an increase in costs as well.

The fancier the wedding, the fancier the wedding cakes. 

An elaborate wedding and a simple and average cake do not go hand in hand. And, if the wedding has a theme, then the design of the cake should also be by the theme. Since the bride and groom may have different choices in flavors, they may have trouble in deciding upon the flavor for the wedding cake. In such a scenario, if the cake is multi-tiered, then you can ask the baker to bake each tier in a different flavor.

It is always advisable to personally discuss with your baker all the small details, including the size, the flavor, the design, and even the overall cost of the cake. Sometimes, the baker may come up with suggestions and equally good options where you may spend less money, but get a cake exactly as you desired.

After the bridal gown, we have the wedding cake, which is probably one of the most integral components of the wedding planning phase. It might take days or weeks for the bride to choose the color and design of her wedding cake. In addition to this, it may take her even longer to decide on the frosting to be used for the cake.

This is the main reason why it’s recommended that you seek a reputable baker as he/she will be able to make the right suggestion as to the best frosting for you to choose when you go for an online cake order. You might have a little experience with cakes, but only those who are fully experienced in decorating cakes will be able to tell you the cons and pros of the numerous frostings. Here are just some of the many different cake frostings that are used today.

Butter Cream

Most of the cakes which are popular for online cake delivery these days are made with butter cream. Buttercream is an ingredient that is very versatile because it’s suitable for both frosting and filling. Most bakers opt for this frosting because it’s very easy for them to color it depending primarily on the motif of the wedding. It is also easy for you to use various types of designs with this frosting. The main problem with this frosting is that it melts very easily, especially in places where the temperature is uncontrolled, so watch out for this frosting if you intend to hold your reception outdoors.


If you’ve seen those smooth satin cakes that look perfect even when they are shaped like a flower, gift, or anything at all, then it’s more than likely that fondant was used to design it. Fondant is a picture-perfect icing that no one will question. However, it doesn’t taste as nice as many of the other icings, with some people feeling that it doesn’t taste nice at all. However, some bakers have devised a method of using buttercream beneath the fondant to improve its taste.


This is a baker’s favorite as it has the best taste and it’s capable of looking like fondant icing. Marzipan is made up of crushed almonds, sugar, and eggs, making it very nice to eat. However, it can be very expensive to use marzipan, so be prepared to fork out a lot of money.

Royal Icing

This is probably the cheapest of all the frostings that you can use to send cake online for a wedding; picture-perfect cakes can be produced with this icing, with some of the most intricate designs. 

Wedding Cakes are cupid’s cakes as these are mixed with love and purity for newly wedded husband and wife. Every piece of this cake symbolizes the lovable affection between two lovers who are going to start their new life. So, these are some of the cake frostings that you can pick when you go with online cake delivery.

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