5 Commercial Laundry Trends You Should Know

laundry trends
laundry trends

There are a lot of changes happening all around us, even commercial laundry adapts to the fresh and new alterations of the world. Compared to a traditional laundry process, present commercial laundry has reformed enormously with its process and techniques as it now operates on a larger scale. If you are the one who often hires commercial laundry services for cleaning your clothes, keep on reading, and understand some of the trends you need to know.

Gearing Towards Green

Almost every commercial laundry business is now going towards green sustainability endeavours. Commercial laundry service providers are turning more environmentally responsible by investing in energy-efficient industrial washing machines and using green detergents for laundering. This helps to minimize environmental impacts and benefits to build a positive image among customers. 

New modes of Payment for the convenience of clients

If you have ever approached a professional laundry, then you might have noticed this. Today, most commercial laundry businesses offer new modes of payments for their clients. You have to pay for the service, but not necessarily through physical currency. The demands of the customers are changing, and for their convenience, laundry services accept new ways of payment. Now customers can settle online payments in a snap through their mobile phones or use cards for the same.

The next level Digital Marketing

Though traditional marketing is still having its presence, commercial laundry businesses have started looking for an innovative way to promote their service. This is when digital marketing plays its role, which is cost-effective and has a higher reach in all aspects. Digital marketers use social media and email platforms to influence customers and thereby lead to business success.

Being all Virtual

The internet is not a recent buzzword in the business world. The internet can help you triumph whether it’s laundry or any sort of business. The present is all about connectivity and creating a presence in the e-world. Laundry businesses now mostly use devices connected to the internet. For instance, they make use of sensors to smartphones to reduce difficulties and include objects to carry out automated functions with no or minimal human intervention. Thus, it helps to optimize operations, cut costs, and boost efficiency.

Customer Experience

It is crucial to incorporate strategies to improve the overall experience of your customers. Most of the commercial laundry services give importance to their customers and satisfaction. They drive strategies for customer retention and improve customer loyalty starting from the first interaction.

Reduced Resources

One of the most important trends is that the laundry industry is finding new ways to reduce the resources required for laundry processes. As we discussed above, going green is a major trend, and thus, laundries are cutting resources that can be detrimental to both the clothes and the environment, like the chemicals in detergent. Laundromats are also coming up with innovative techniques like using washing beads that can absorb stains, and provide a gentle mechanical action to reduce the amount of temperature and water needed, thereby reducing the amount of detergent required for the process. 

Business Intelligence

Laundries have started to implement intelligent practices. It used to be nearly impossible to quantify water and energy usage in the laundry, but now, washing machines are introduced with software that can measure water, electricity as well as chemical data of the whole laundry. With this kind of smart technology, it becomes very easy to calculate expenses and profit, find potential economic points, and thereby grow your business significantly.


As you saw, business trends are changing rapidly. Thus, it is important to keep up with the competition and deliver the best customer experience to grow your laundry business. 

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