5 Essential Tools to Keep Your WordPress Content Marketing Strategy Organized

Writing online content for your WordPress is no joke. The rate at which WordPress is growing, it is becoming the leading platform for website content. Finding interesting things on WordPress feels amazing but only writers know the true struggle behind it. Hence, dissertation writing services are popular all over the world. The problem with WordPress is not only writing it but, staying efficient also. If a writer is managing multiple clients, it becomes difficult to cope up with the pressure. Staying systematic is the only thing that keeps one sane. 

If you are not using your WordPress Page to the fullest, it is pointless to use it. The cause of using the website varies from person to person. For some, it is being able to use the website itself. People want to share content according to their goals. They want their ideas, products and services to reach the next level. Some wish fame and want to make a name for themselves. Whatever the reason to use WordPress may be, the goal is simple: marketing.

The world is becoming obsessed with marketing every day. Companies spend billions of dollars every year on marketing. The methods of marketing have evolved from posters and billboards to online marketing. Brands have marketing teams that ensure responsive audience on various websites.


WordPress is a similar platform. WordPress has become highly popular since its launch in the early 2000s. It has now become one of the fastest-growing communities online. Despite this being merit, there is also a drawback. The marketing competition has also increased. The market has become more and more obsessed with unique and creative marketing ideas. Companies have been investing millions in making sure that their product stands out.

Promoting a brand is not a bed of roses. It needs strategy, consistency and creativity. The ad agency business is booming nowadays. This is because every company wants recognition in the world. People use paid and unpaid methods to gain followership and get popular. Getting shoutouts from celebrities is also an effective way to get the wheel rolling. 

No matter how effective one’s methods are, the thing doesn’t work if the content management is not done properly. It is therefore important to be organized and system. This makes working, reviewing and brainstorming easy for the creator. 


Organization is a professional skill that not everyone has. However, we have analyzed ways to keep the WordPress content and marketing strategy organized.

Content creation is an endless loop as long as the website is online. The creator keeps on updating and rewriting fresh material for the website over and over. WordPress is a great platform but it won’t work if you do not have a systematic approach for it. This requires the careful organization of data and material. Fortunately, there are tools in the market that can make this less of a pain.

We’ve lined up a few things you can do, to be better at organizing. Take a look!


The simplest way of getting organized is to use a calendar. We don’t mean a physical calendar. Instead, reach for DivvyHQ’s technology. Select and organize your content. You will post according to this calendar. This will help you keep a track of your posting pattern. Engage your audience better and make reviewing posts easier. 

Most companies really one Google for this purpose. DivvyHQ schedules your work and posts while keeping activity record. Unlike Google’s calendar DivvyHQ’s design is specifically to meet website management needs. This tool will change the way you work and make things easier for you. It’s an editorial planner specifically designed to assist website owners to organize their plan. The tool enables you to make a vast number of calendars and share them with your team. This allows you to plan your strategy and work accordingly.

It not only helps you plan but also has automated publishing. Once you have a content that you wish to post in future, just schedule its publishing with DivvyHQ and watch the magic happen. It also provides detailed analytics to the user. It has a free and paid version; the trial version is free for 14 days. The paid version has various packages for different users. The lite e.g. which caters a small team is for 30$ for a month. This is pocket-friendly if you keep the perks of this software in mind.


Another popular content management tool is Asana. It is a project management tool that should be used by everyone. It is simple yet efficient. Asana allows a user to add his or her team via email and gather them under a virtual roof. Tasks can be created and assigned to members by the lead. 

You can add a subtask and a deadline for the tasks as well. Asana also shows the progress of each task so you can see the project coming together. If you want to manage a team and content with short term goals, Asana is a great tool for you. The management tool doesn’t have very attractive UI but its functions and features are phenomenal.

Do not forget to look Asana up the next time you’re about to plan a project.

Google Analytics:

You know that it will be functional when there’s Google written on it. The developers at Google have come up with this management tool. This helps the user evaluate the response from the audience. Creating content and publishing alone is not enough. You need to keep an eye on the response that you receive as well.

It helps you where your traffic is flowing from. What time of publishing brings the best response? You can then focus more on content that brings you better traffic and refrain from the one that doesn’t. If you start observing these trends you will notice a pattern. This will lead you to audience psychology.

When you publish things the audience wants, the response rate automatically goes up.

Yoast SEO: 

This is an SEO optimization tool that allows the user to evaluate the content on the website. The evaluated content can then be used to bring relevant traffic to the website. The more accurate a website’s SEO is, the more likely it receives more traffic. 

Don’t forget to look up YoastSEO the next time you’re about to write your web content.

Paper li:

Making content yourself is not enough. Imagine making 2 posts and a few features for your website. This is surely not enough. Paper. Li is a tool that helps you find relevant posts and publications that you can feature on your website. This helps you have timely content to be shared from external websites.

This helps the writer to maintain the frequency of posts without going off-topic. The tool is like a filter that takes out relevant information. E.g. if you are a shoe start-up, paper.li will suggest content like: the best shoe styles you need have. Tips to make your shoes last longer etc. this allows your page to have more content without losing the essence of your brand. 

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