5 Helpful Tips for Single Parents: How to Stay Sane While Doing it All

Single Parents

There is nothing much in life as complicated as being a single parent. Juggling work, parenting, and other obligations can be difficult, to say the least. None of us plan on raising children on our own, but life happens and many times we are left with no choice but to deal however we can.

The reality is that nothing and no one can prepare you or tell you how to successfully be a single parent. We can, however, give you some helpful tips that can help you stay sane while juggling it all and still trying to live your life.

Here are some of the tips that you may find helpful.

Single Parents

Create a routine

To make everyday life a bit easier, create a routine. This routine will keep you organized and in balance. Knowing when your kids should get up, have breakfast, lunch, do homework, spend time with you, and finally go to bed, amongst other things is what will keep you on schedule.

Routine helps both you and your children know what to expect of each day. Of course, there will be unpredictable situations, but they will be few and most of your day will be already planned out.

Being organized and having some sort of routine will make it possible to keep your sanity intact.

Have a support network

As a single parent, most of the things you’ll need to do on your own. However, that doesn’t mean that you can ask for help every now and then. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about asking for help, in the end, you’re only human and, understandably, you won’t be able to cope with everything on your own.

That’s why, having a support network, made of your family and friends who are willing to give you a hand when you need it is a good idea. 

In case, you don’t have a family who is willing to help you, then you’ll have to create your own support network. Either your friends or even a group of single moms, someone who will understand what you’re going through and who will have no problem helping you out when you need it.

Stay on top of your finances

With only one income, raising children can be difficult. Regardless of how much you earn, keeping track of your finances can be challenging. So, the best solution would be to create a budget and to keep that budget up to date.

As children grow up, the budget will need to be raised as well. With an updated budget, you won’t wonder where all the money went. 

Apart from creating a budget, don’t be afraid to hire a team of family lawyers who will make sure your ex pays child support. Just because you’re no longer married and children were entrusted to you, doesn’t mean that they no longer have children or the responsibility of taking care of them, at least financially.

Additionally, if you’re short on money, look into available grants for single parents, and don’t forget to take advantage of tax breaks.

Time for yourself

Taking time for yourself may seem like a selfish thing to do amidst all that you’re going through. However, making time for self-care is crucial for your well-being. If you don’t make time for yourself, time to unwind and to relax, you risk getting sick. And think about it, if you get sick, who will take care of your children?

This is why some downtime for yourself is of utmost importance. This doesn’t have to be one whole day, all you need is a couple of minutes, an hour or so before the kids wake up or when they are in bed at night. Do something for yourself, something that will relax you and something you enjoy doing.

You’ll feel better immediately, your mood will improve as well as your energy levels. You’ll be ready to conquer whatever life throws your way.

Create time for your kids

With having so much on your plate, it’s easy to get carried away with chores, work, school and so much more. And then where’s the time you spend with your kids?

The time you spend with your children is precious, especially while they are little. This time that you spend with them will help you build a solid relationship with them. It will also show your children that you love and care for them, which is an important part of keeping them strong both mentally and emotionally. 

Children who spend quality time with their parents are less likely to take part in risky things such as alcohol, drugs, fights, and so on. So, create time for your kids, do things together, play games, and simply spend time with them.

If we’re being honest, the life of a single parent will always be overwhelming and challenging. However, maybe these little tips can make your life slightly less complicated and stressful. 

And if there is at least a small chance of having a slightly less hectic life, then why not take it?

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