5 New Email Newsletter Ideas for Maximum Engagement

New Email Newsletter Ideas
New Email Newsletter Ideas

Every authentic brand, at some point, incorporates email marketing into its business. The trick is to get customers’ email through sign-ups and giveaways and email them regularly about new offers, schemes, discounts, and company newsletters.

However, most of your customers probably ignore your newsletter emails. That is because some of the brand marketers commit very common mistakes while creating a newsletter email. Either the email gets too long to be within the attention span of a customer, or it gets too short to be considered.

Whatever the mistakes may be, we are sure that you would not commit them after reading the following article. It contains some of the best tips that most of the agencies of SEO in Dallas have recommended with proven results.

So, keep on reading the article; you are in for a treat.

1) No Clicks at All

The trick is to get clicks on your newsletter, getting a client to read through it and consider it seriously. But what happens most of the time is businesses create a newsletter that’s not even half-visible in the email, and the client has to “click here for more information.” It takes a client to the business’s website where they receive a complex list of pop-ups and ads – that is what gets the client loses interest in what you have to offer.

A company needs to create an email newsletter that demands no further clicks. It needs to be straightforward with a subject like “Here is our weekly Newsletter, read it here and now and avail amazing discounts hidden within.” That is what will lead a customer to read your thing with a positive attitude.

2) Make Your Subject Line Stand Out

It is hard for people to care for your email newsletter when they are receiving similar notifications from 15 more brands. Who would find a time to read yours in a crowded inbox, right? To solve this problem, you need to make your subject line stand out from all the others.

One way to do that is to make your subject line as intriguing as possible. Don’t just write “Read our newsletter about rise in the prices of sanitizer,” but make it say “HOW DID IT HAPPEN: INCREASE IN THE PRICES OF SANITIZER.” Did you see it? Not only did I make the line more curious, but I also capitalized the whole thing, making it more prominent than the others.

Moreover, some companies start their subject line with emojis; and they have observed tremendously positive result. When you see a list of letters coming one after another, your eye really catches the one emoji that is making its place prominently.

3) Make Your Newsletters Fun

I have seen the brands sharing funny videos, memes, and pictures in their email newsletters just to make the client familiar with your emails. When a client sees a vine sent from you, he would definitely notice who is sending them such great stuff. Then, he will see your brand name and say, “Wow, these guys are fun.”

However, remember not to spam your client with such stuff. It can end up you getting blocked or unsubscribed. Also, whatever you are sending, it should be harmless—to all the communities. One wrong joke, and you will get blocked forever.

Moreover, let the client stay connected to you through puzzles, crosswords, and such activities. Some brands send their clients weekly crossword puzzles, and their audience definitely enjoys them. It can make your brand recognizable up to a point where people actually wait for you to send them things.

4) Ask for Their Opinions – Make Polls

When it comes to opinions, everybody has one; and everybody loves to have a platform where they can speak their minds. You can provide such a platform. What you can do is create polls about things that might interest your audience; ask them about the recent incident and how they feel, let them tell you if they liked their shopping experience, what they think about new arrivals, what is their opinion about an upgrade in a product, and more.

When you integrate people’s opinions in your email newsletters, it makes you a people’s brand. And that is all that you need for your business to boost.

Moreover, some brands add a poll in their every newsletter email, asking the audience about how much they liked that day’s email. That provides instant responses on every email, letting you know about the quality of your emails in the client’s eyes and what changes should be made in them.

5) Give Credits to Your Team

Lastly, no one likes to be assisted and served by an over-efficient machine; it doesn’t add a “human element.” A human element is something that is full of feeling and emotions, someone who can understand the problems your clients go through and the solutions they look for.

That can happen when you clearly credit your team in the making of the newsletter. Brands mention their writers, marketers, creatives, and editors whose efforts are involved in the making of a newsletter.

When you mention the name of a real person at the end, it allows the audience to feel connected to a real person. They get to know that only an automated email sender is not on the other side, but a real person’s efforts are involved in the customer service.


Those were 5 tips regarding email newsletters that can increase your shares, clicks, and opens. You need to remember that no one gets overnight success. You need to be patient as you see the results gradually rising. In the case where the results are not increasing, consider your emails before sending and look for the problem. Don’t just think about what kind of email will bring in more profits, but focus more on what kind of email will bring in the ideal customer-business relationship. If you succeed in that, profit will eventually come itself.

We hope the tips listed above will help you create an impact on your customer list. Good luck.

Author Bio:

Emma is an expert email marketer who help us to develop ground-breaking email marketing strategies. Emma also had a vast experience of utilizing tools and tactics for SEO Dallas. We are quite impressed with Emma’s email marketing strategies.

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