5 Reasons Why You Need Live Chat Agent For Your Website

5 Reasons Why You Need Live Chat Agent For Your Website

The main aim of any online business is to convert browsers into customers, and this can happen if you deliver great overall customer service. Forester concluded that Live Chat can boost your revenue by 48% per chat per hour and conversion rate by 40%. The live chat support window is found usually at the right bottom corner of the website. Live Chat is undeniably the most effective way to communicate with your customers. There are several advantages of offering live chat support to the clients.

Let’s look at the five reasons why you need a Live Chat Agent for your website.

  • Live Chat Saves Money

Live Chat is a very cost-efficient communication method, wherein the live chat agents can handle multiple chats at one time. Thus, you do not require to hire more agents to reply to emails or answer phone calls. It also helps in reducing the overall costs of the help desk center by lowering the waiting queue time as compared to a call center. When you answer the questions of the customers in real-time via live chat there are more chances that they will buy the product. It is very easy to implement a Live Chat service on your website, without needing to have any HTML skills. Thus, live chat support saves costs in many ways.

  • Stay ahead in Competition

To rule the market, a business must stay ahead in the competition and at the top, because every business has a huge amount of rivals and they are increasing day by day. Seeing the competition, many eCommerce websites have added live chat support to their helpdesk to offer real-time answers, rather than making the customers leave their websites for their rival’s website. The live chat agents efficiently handle the customer queries and answer them promptly, which boosts the morale of the customers and keeps them coming back to you.

  • Long-term Customer Relationships

A customer who is happy and satisfied is less likely to switch to a new seller, plus he will be less sensitive to price. Customers who are taken good care of do not bother much about the price they are paying. Trust is a very big factor, and that comes with one to one interaction and attention. Around 63% of customers who have used live chat usually come back rather than the ones who have not used live chat. The regular customers are aware and are familiar with the business, thus they tend to buy more often. If your business can make the customers feel heard, it builds a very strong relation with your business. A good live chat agent will always take good care of his customers and build long-term relationships.

  • Fast inquiry Resolution

Live chats come with great features like sharing links, images, and attachments. These features enable the online chat customer service agent to effectively handle the queries of the customers. It sometimes becomes impossible to explain verbally the whole process or a guide to the client, over the phone. But with live chat you can share attachments, files, and even images to show them step-by-step processes. It gives them more clarity and they feel their queries are answered quickly. An agent who is proficient in using all the live chat features will surely help in faster resolution of inquiry.

  • Enhanced Customer Service Productivity

The productivity of customer service grows manifolds with the use of live chat support. It is an ideal tool for multitasking and helps you handle multiple customer inquiries, very efficiently. If the customer service agent is well-trained it increases productivity and overall customer satisfaction. Your live chat customer agent should have superb typing skills so as to be able to handle multiple customers simultaneously. The canned messages feature saves a lot of time as it eliminates the need of explaining or repeating the same problem to multiple customers.

Conclusion: Above is the five reasons why you need a Live Chat Agent for your website. Do not underestimate the power of the real-time conversation with the customers because a live chat support agent can enhance it and make it fruitful. He has the power to not only retain the customer, increase sales and conversions, but also build long-term relationships with the customers. They can handle multiple chats simultaneously and save a lot of costs by eliminating the need to hire more agents or set up call facilities, like phones, etc.

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