5 Styles of Sling Bags to Rock Your Look

5 Styles of Sling Bags to Rock Your Look
5 Styles of Sling Bags to Rock Your Look

For a woman, life without a faithful handbag is almost unimaginable. A handbag is not just a resourceful piece of accessory, it is a fashion statement. It’s an expression of the taste and style of the person carrying them. 

Some handbags will make you blend in, some will make you stand out. It’s all about the intention of the lady. When it comes to making the choice of a handbag, crossbody bags or sling bags are where elegance meets functionality. They are chic and are just right for someone wanting to keep all their belongings in place.

Whether one is going on a night out with friends or shopping at a mall, a sling bag is a perfect companion. These bags can be worn in different styles – over the shoulder, across the front, or around the waist. You can easily go hands-free with a sling bag around your shoulder as you buy that morning cup of coffee. They are also compact, not demanding a lot of space.

Sling bags are the ultimate handbags that got all your needs covered.

You just cannot go wrong with them. Here are 5 kinds of crossbody bags that will give you a modern and trendy look:

  • Go pastel

Summers are warm and pastel colours look best under the sun. The pastel trend is taking the world by a storm. It’s subtle and makes the outfit pop. Consider pairing a beige or baby pink crossbody to go with a black maxi dress. .

  • Experiment with shapes

Most handbags are shaped like a rectangle or trapezium. You can try to switch things up by going with a round sling. It’s compact and it’s easy to carry your essentials in it. The most popular colours for round slings are brown, black, and pink. A round sling bag coupled with a mini dress and boots will give you the Insta-perfect look.

  • Try fringes

Bags with fringes and tassels look simply amazing. These bags are spacious, so they are perfect for when you need to carry some extra stuff. They work well with college students too since they have enough room available for books and other stationery items. Fringe bags have a bohemian vibe to them. There are two different styles available: one is leather fringe, and the other is glossy thread fringe. 

  • A mix of clutch and crossbody

With a clutch-style sling bag, you get the best of both worlds. So why not?! These bags are small, but they have enough space to store all your important stuff such as cash, credit cards, a few makeup items. These are more designer-looking and appropriate for special occasions. You can either wear them on your shoulder or hold them in your hand; either way, they look glamorous.

  • Back to classic

The classic sling bags are the most sophisticated ones. They are also the most popular ones due to their sheer versatility. And they go well with just about all outfits; whether it’s your casual summer jeans and top, or your winter sweater dress. The classic sling bag will usually have straps made of leather or chain and there is going to be no dearth in the number of shades available.

A lot of people who buy handbags online are not aware of the comfort and style a sling bag can provide, so they often go with the regular totes. But nothing meets the functionality and design of the crossbody bags.  There is an extensive collection of handbags available right on the internet and if you’re looking to buy sling bags online; they range from casual and youth-centric to sophisticated and professional ones that will surely steal your heart.

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