5 Ways To Stay Alert During An Emergency

5 ways to stay alert during an emergency
5 ways to stay alert during an emergency

Safety has become a priority in our lives and we must figure out different ways to stay safe during any kind of emergency. We understand the situations are never foreseen and we are unprepared for such incidents. However one must know the basic measure to take during an emergency. Hence we have come here to help people learn 5 ways to stay alert during an emergency. We appreciate the efforts taken by our team to make people aware of safety measures.

The best way to stay safe

Women have been facing a lot of problems with increasing cases of harassment and assaults. It is essential for them to stay safe and the best way is by using their mobile phone. They can use the phone and alert family members about their location with the help of GPS. SafetyScope helps in recording a video with stealth mode. You can record a video and share it with 5 trusted contacts. This is very important as an emergency can happen anytime and it is not possible to prepare all the time. Certain situations restrict you from taking any action. Updating your close friends and family members is a safe way to travel. If you feel this is the best way then start implementing it in your life to stay safe.

Hidden video recording

This is another great feature that will help you record the video of any incident. Once you record the incident it will be shared with your trusted contacts. Also, the default contact that is saved in the app will be 911. Once you start your video call it will be automatically connected to 911. Stealth mode is another feature that hides the video recording and no one around you will know about it. This is a great way for women to safely record any incident that is troublesome for them. Many people file a police complaint but due to lack of evidence cannot prove the crime. This app will help people in recording the evidence. Video evidence is strong proof that works in your favor during every situation. Every complainant needs to submit a piece of evidence during a case. Such features are very useful when you are in trouble legally as well. 

Stay safe when you travel around

We recognize that a lot of people need to travel daily. Their main concern is always safety. This app provides you safety as you can make an audio call to any of your contacts during all kinds of emergencies and make a video call to 5 of your most trusted contacts. 911 responds instantly and locates you with the help of GPS. You can also make short safety videos and update people about your locations. This video recording app will work promisingly to give complete safety to all the users. If you are a relentless traveler then you must have this app on your phone. We know traveling is not possible during these unprecedented times but even if you need to travel you must take all the safety measures.

Use the technology to stay safe

Mankind has entered the 21st-century and technology is overtaking everything in its way. As we are moving ahead we need to stay updated with the latest technology. You know that safety is the most significant thing for us, then why not use all the technology to stay safe. There are so many different ways to use modern technology for our safety. An important way to stay protected is by using your mobile phone, there is one single app that will help you stay safe. SafetyScope is one single app that will allow you video recording during any emergency. You can easily make audio calls to all your contacts on the phone. A great feature of the app is that it will call 911 to send you instant help. We have evolved and now we are at the most advanced stage, let’s make the most of it.

Use your surrounding well

If you have seen, some of the movies teach us to use our surroundings. You must have seen in a few scenes where they show us we can use our surroundings during such kind of emergency. We understand, our life is not a movie or a serial but movies will teach us a lot. You can learn to quickly respond as per your surroundings. You must know about all the safe spaces around you where you can go during an emergency. Find out about fire hydrant, refuge area, fire extinguisher, or even open spaces such places can help you during an emergency. You have to stay alert all the time to tackle an emergency, if you know everything about your surrounding then you can act rapidly during an emergency.

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