6 Best Maternity Wear Outfits By Kareena Kapoor Inspiring Every Mum-To-Be

lowers for women
lowers for women

Kareena Kapoor has always been an absolute stunner on the red carpet as well as in her real life. We do love how Bebo embraces her unique style with  perfection. It wouldn’t be an understatement to admit  that she teaches us how to look flawless every time even after becoming a beautiful mother of two. She proves how simple lowers for women can look more stylish. 

There’s no miraculous secrete that helps Kareena become the fabulous showstopper; it is her mastery in keeping things simple and glamorous. Even when Bebo was in her mum-to-be moments, she managed exceptionally well how to carry maternity style while stepping out from home.

Being a mum-to-be, if you are also looking for the best maternity style that could help you look good in your maternity time, this post has brought some fantastic ideas for you that are purely inspired by ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan.’ So let’s take a quick glimpse of her styling. 

  1. Kareen Kapoor Perfect Formal Look

Every girl wants to look like Kareena; after all, the adorable formal looks by Kareena have always been an inspiration for millions of girls out there. Even modern mother find  Mrs. Khan a genuinely inspiring personality as far as fashion is concerned. Her formal style for maternity looks phenomenal, proving why Kareena is considered the most fashionable woman in the entire Bollywood industry. Even though Kareena is currently more involved in her life with two kids, still this glamorous woman doesn’t leave a second in becoming an inspiration, be it for a modern girl or a modern mum-to-be.  

  1. Miss Bebo’s Casual outfits for maternity

Kareena is popularly known for her striking casual outfit. Though this dress-code had never been on the maternity style list for women, Kareena is seen transforming the conventional myths for maternity look with confidence. You can see how Bebo flaunts her baby bump in a cozy t-shirt with denim jeans and a jacket. To be honest, Kareena has managed exceptionally well how to put together the dressing elements that streamline her figure with a baby bump.  

  1. Stunning Maxi Dress 

We can’t resist the maxi-dress fashion for maternity looks that have been turned more graceful with Kareena’s excellence in style. This dress itself isn’t less than a statement piece beautifully embracing Bebo’s figure while hiding her baby bump. Also, Kareena has tried a casual hairstyle that genuinely draws our attention as it is equally adding more excellence to her maternity style. 

  1. Maternity Grace In Lowers

Lowers for women aren’t supposed to be a party type or day-out outfit. But like always, Kareena can be seen changing this rule.  Instead, the woman is going to set a new trend in the fashion industry, as the way Kareena has carried lower with a perfect top takes the gorgeousness of her maternity style to the next level. Even girls have also started implementing this fusion on them, as it undeniably helps them come out with a graceful fashion. 

lowers for women
  1. Kurti Fashion for Maternity Look By Kareena

Let’s learn the fashion principles from Kareena by going down on the desi route in a kurti style. For maternity look, this combination is undoubtedly majestic. Mainly if you are preparing for a traditional eve, this quick-fix may help you look stunning by all means. You can choose some bright hues to ensure the body shape looks good. Drape the dupatta in a way that beautifully hides your baby bump to protect your little one from evil eyes. 

  1. Floral Maternity Skirt

A floral maternity skirt is another great statement piece that every mum-to-be must try for her maternity look, just like Kareena’s beautiful cotton floral skirt. Use heels to add a few inches in your style that will give you a party-ready look. 

The Bottom LineIn the end, you can’t resist that maternity style doesn’t exist. Indeed you will look glamorous if your inspiration is Kareena Kapoor Khan. After all, Bebo has proved that even pajamas for women can help one look phenomenal. If you are now confident about your maternity fashion, visit Bewakoof.com and dig out the best style to add more happiness to your personal life. They offer printed, plain, half sleeve tshirts, long sleeve tshirts, vests, pyjamas, boxers, lowers and many more clothing collection.

lowers for women

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