6 Old Coffee Ground Uses That No One Tell You

uses of old coffee grounds
uses of old coffee grounds

Your old coffee grounds are not wasted you can still use them for many purposes and can still attain their benefits in a different number of ways. Coffee grounds are used mainly for drinking purposes these grounds contain caffeine which on regular use is physically addictive, so coffee grounds can be addictive foods if taken in excess.

So, if you’re taking coffee grounds for drinking purposes you can take it in needy times don’t overconsume coffee grounds, and don’t take it as a regular habit.

Some of the popular uses of coffee grounds are discussed below-

As a cleaning agent

If you have old coffee grounds why not use them to make your cooking utensils and surrounding areas new.

As these coffee grounds are abrasive in nature these quickly wash out the dust and dirt on your cooking area.

Try it on your sinks and grill surfaces. Be careful not experimenting with it on porous materials as they leave brown stains on them.

Garden Fertilizer

Your garden really needs it don’t you know? Because of so much plantation in gardens. The soil becomes nutrient deficient and this is because the plant needs nutrition to grow which it absorbs from the soil leaving it nutrient deficient.

Old coffee grounds are best to be used practically as a fertilizer in your garden. Coffee grounds are rich in minerals that favour plant growth- Nitrogen, chromium, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Old coffee grounds also attract worms that favor plant growth. The presence of heavy metals in soil can also be lowered by coffee grounds. You just have to sprinkle it over your gardening area.

Skin Exfoliating

By completing daily tasks and all physical hard work your skin gets easily destroyed and dead and form dead skin cells covering.

The cause of the deadness is the dust and dirt that gets entrapped to the skin surfaces damaging overall skin appearance, sensitivity, and health.

The coffee grounds have coarse particles which work as an exfoliating agent, making the skin free from dust and dirt.

Make it by adding honey with coffee grounds and apply it to the face, hands, and other body surfaces. You can also make it with coconut oil and water instead of using honey.

Old coffee grounds origins are from plants, they are a plant-based product that you use most commonly is for making coffee but sometimes they get older and you didn’t use them for any reason. There are many other plant-based foods that are useful for getting plant-based diet benefits.

Keep Insects Away

If you’re a kitchen expert ants are something you don’t want inside the kitchen or inside the home. So the best thing you can try for getting rid of them is by spreading the coffee grounds to the areas you don’t want to get crowded by ants. These grounds have an intense acidic smell which ants don’t like to take in.

More than 1-inch line of coffee grounds and lesser than 2 can do the work. You also have to repeat lining after every 15 days as after this time coffee grounds are not much effective.

Recolour Furniture

Furniture gets easily scratched and sometimes the small pieces from it get fall off. This can be considered the worse thing whichever happens with new furniture. Before burning your money buying products to recolor it why not utilize coffee grounds to recolor it.

Make a paste of coffee grounds with water having a thick consistency. Apply it to the scratched or broken surface of the furniture with cotton. After 5-10 minutes of waiting wipe with cotton.

The broken furniture dyed with a dark brown colour similar to the furniture makes it hard to judge.

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Use it to Compost

If you don’t want to use coffee grounds now you can compost them and use them later. By composting the coffee grounds changed into a dark color product referred to as compost.

This compost works like a supplement for the soil of your garden by increasing the capability of the soil to hold the nutrients and water for longer periods that promote plant growth.


The above article is all about the benefits you can gain by using old coffee grounds. If you don’t use your coffee grounds are they become old you probably thinking to do something with them.

The above six are ideal uses of old coffee grounds. There are some more uses also these are not all the uses but some popular uses are discussed.

You can try any one of them according to your suitability and choice.

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