Top 6 Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail

Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail

When a person comes to an app store, there are few seconds to make a decision about the app. It also intensifies the competition for the user as there are thousands of apps available on the market. The mobile market is growing so rapidly because everyone is moving his business to mobile apps.

There are approximately 4 million mobile apps available on the android and apple stores. Many of them get success because of their extraordinary features and technique whereas some of them get fail to reach their goals. 

Custom mobile app development needs some planning before launching it. If you make an app without knowing the tricks and techniques of the market, you will not be able to get your desired goals. You must examine the audience, your active users, their gender, your niche, competitors, and many other things to plan your mobile app.

After planning, you go through a process of development. Research about your mobile app is a key factor to make your mobile app popular. You have to research your audience’s problems and then you make a mobile app to solve their issues. In this way, you give value to your audience and build trust in them. 

In this article, I will elaborate on the reasons why a mobile app fails to get the desired results and how to overcome these. Don’t miss any point if you want to be a successful mobile app owner. Let’s begin with it!

6 Common Reasons Why Custom Mobile App Development Fails

Poorly Researched Audience and Market

It’s so easy to tell your audience will love your app but can you validate this assumption? The answer is no. When this development process began, the research about your audience and deep understanding of your product or service was the most important things. But now you have to create a messaging technique that attracts your specific audience.

Introducing a new product or service is an interactive process that can validate assumptions about your product and user behavior. An Interactive process gives more benefits because it meets the customer’s needs and increases engagement. 

The best way to find your audience and competition in the market is to search properly about the latest stats. What type of people are searching for your product and services.

Search about the targeted audience, their location, ages, and genders. If you search properly about your users, your app will not fail. The research might be better if you consult with experienced digital marketers. 

Lack of Originality 

Most people are launching their apps on the android app store because mostly, it does not reject your apps. The people just make some changes in their apps and publish them on the android stores.

On the other hand, the apple store does not accept your app if your app is not according to their standards. This is the reason why apps on the apple store are more valid rather than android apps. 

If you don’t make your app from scratch, you can’t win from your competitors. The changes in the code can make your app less original and decrease your success rate. The most important thing to win the loyalty of your customers is a Unique Value Proposition(UVP).

The best solution to maintain your custom mobile app development is to make a clear vision. This vision will help you to focus on your user requirements and solutions to their problems. 

Poor User Experience

After launching your app, the users are not staying on your app and uninstall it. This will become a headache for you. You will think that your money is wasted on my huge project. To avoid these kinds of problems, you have to think about your user experience.

When the user comes to your app, he will interact with your mobile app layout firstly. After that, he notices other things like response time, lagging, long registration processes, etc. these things irritate your audience and they will not come to your app again.

The solution is to make your UI/UX design user-friendly. Your users can understand easily your app and services. The response time must be less because the user gets frustrated if he waits so long.

You also need to focus on the bugs and crashes in order to avoid lagging. The features and registrations process must be easy to tackle. You must hire mobile app developers to manage your app if some bugs and crashes occur. 

Improper Testing

Mobile app testing is the most crucial step before launching the app. When you don’t focus on the testing, your app will have bugs and crashes. After launching, your app will not work properly and create a bad user experience. A single crash might get your app to failure. Try to focus the QA of the app so that your app gets successful and achieves your vision. 

Poorly Executed Mobile App Launch

The successful apps are on the top in the play stores because they have the latest techniques and strategies to execute their apps. If you want to check your audience response on your app, you must launch an MVP of your app. This will make sure that your app is attractive enough to gain an audience. After that, you make important decisions about your app and lunch it completely in the market. 

Selection of the Wrong Platform

Most apps face failure because they don’t respond on the mobile and desktops. It becomes a huge problem if your app does not work on different devices, operating systems, and desktops. People get frustrated when the app works on their iPhones but not on their Ipads.

The platform depends on the intent of your mobile app what you are going to do with your app. An average person takes seconds to make decisions. So, try to avoid the things that can frustrate your audience. Also, you should select the best mobile app development services to make your app prior. 

Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail


There is huge competition among the mobile apps on the market. The minor mistakes can create a bad impression on your user and your app might fail. In the above section, I have discussed the major reasons why your app face failure and how to get rid of these problems. If you want to ask anything about custom mobile app development, you can contact development teams on the internet for further details.

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