6 Types of Indoor Cactus Plants for Indoors with Useful Tips

indoor cactus plants
Indoor Cactus Plants

Do you want to grow a cactus? Do you like to have indoor flowering plants in your home? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Here we’ve curated the list of different types of indoor cactus plants. Also, you’ll be learning some important tips for the better growth of your cactus house plants. 

Things to know before growing indoor cactus plants 

1. Perfect spot for your indoor cactus plants

We all know, cactus is a dry plant and survive the sunlight easily. So during the summers, the preferred spot can be near the window or balcony, where it can get sunlight. However, change its place during winters. During winters, the place of the pot should be a bit cooler and light. 

2. The frequency of watering the indoor cactus plants 

Plants need sufficient and regular water to grow. But the house cactus plants can get harmed by over-watering. So in that case what you’ve to do is assess the soil. If the soil is dry, then only water the plant, otherwise the roots can be damaged and rotten. Also, you need to water more frequently in summers than winters.   

3. Taking care of the cactus

Cacti have sharp spikes that can harm you, so be more careful. Wear thick gloves to protect yourself from sharp spikes. But in case the spikes get stuck in your hands, then you can do the following things. You can use tweezers or duct tapes to remove the spikes. In case of a very fine spike, you can use olive oil. However, precaution is always better than cure, so use thick gloves while taking care of the indoor cactus plants.

4. Age of the cactus house plants

The cactus that we grow in our homes has an average life of about 10 years. However, it is very less than the wild cactus that lives for more than a hundred years. One thing to make sure that to get even this much life for our indoor cactus plant, we’ve to take care of them. 

5. What harms indoor cactus plants?

Well, one of the harms you already know and that is overwatering. Other harm can be the poor drainage and the compost. The compost we use generally can store the water well but this can harm this plant. For cactus plants, you need to have special compost meant for them and be aware of the timing of water.

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Types of Indoor Cactus Plants

1. Fairy Castle Cactus (Cereus Tetragonus)

fairy castle cactus

As the name suggests, this indoor cactus plant looks like a castle. The plant’s growth is slow and needs well-drained soil. The normal soil will not work best for this plant and you’ll need cactus potting soil. This soil helps in proper drainage and no holding of water. This fairy castle cactus can reach up to 6 feet. But don’t expect the flowers as it is very difficult and rarely comes. However, you can use artificial flowers for decorating purposes.  

2. Saguaro Cactus (Carnegiea gigantea)

Saguaro Cactus

Unlike many indoor flowering plants that don’t need direct sunlight, the saguaro cactus needs direct sunlight for better growth. It is mainly found in the Sonoran Desert and can live for a massive 200 hundred years. They can be grown outdoors and indoors as well. As their growth is slow, you’ve to wait for over 4 decades to see the beautiful flowers. They have attractive colors that are white with yellow centers. 

3. Star Cactus (Astrophytum Asterias)

star cactus indoor plants

A small cactus plant indoors, usually people get attracted by its shape and beautiful flowers. As the maximum size of the star, the cactus is only six inches in diameter, it is preferred as an indoor flowering plant. Also, you’ll get white or yellow flowers in March and May. The star cactus needs direct sunlight to grow, so you can place it near the windows or the balcony.

4. Easter Cactus (Hatiora Gaertneri)

 easter cactus housleplants

Easter cactus is one of the most attractive types of indoor cactus plants. Bloom in late winters, they don’t need direct sunlight. Instead, they need a cooler environment, unlike other cactus plants. For growth purposes, an important tip is to change the soil every 2 years. It has flowers that have so many colors like white, orange, peach, red, lavender, etc. This small cactus plant for indoors can be a decorative piece or a special gift.

5. Moon Cactus (Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii)

moon cactus for indoor plants

Moon cactus are colorful and considered the easiest type of indoor cactus plants to grow at home. Talking about its size, they are generally half an inch long in size. However, these small cactus plants come in attractive colors like pink, orange, and yellow. They are also a popular gift item among indoor plant lovers and their commonplace is the window still.

6. Old Lady Cactus (Mammillaria Hahniana)

old lady cactus plant

One more type of indoor cactus plant that is easy to grow, attractive, and advisable for beginners. The plant has the speciality of white hairs and spines that also justify the name. However, in the spring season, you’ll witness pink flowers that grow in the shape of the crown. Their height can be 10 inches tall and they grow in groups. Talking about the water, only water when you feel the soil is dry, likely once in 2 weeks.


Did you like any of the indoor cactus plants? My favorite is the star cactus and, what’s yours? Write it in the comments section. Also, keep in mind the important points while growing an indoor cactus plant.

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