7 House Essentials Every Luxury Homeowner Should Have

Luxury Homeowner

Having a well-appointed home is not only the perfect example of a luxurious home. Instead, a real luxurious home is a place where amenities provide an opportunity for the owner to feel spoiled and extravagant. It’s about opulence, royalty, and high lavishness. When we hear the word luxury, our minds think about saunas, jacuzzi, pools, in-home gyms, walk-in closets, game rooms, backyard tennis and basketball court, and fully-stocked kitchens. How about the items that luxury home buyers want the most? Do you have any idea what they are looking for when shopping for their not so humble abodes? 

If you’re a new luxury homeowner, we’ve compiled a list of ideas that can help you shop for your home. On the other hand, if you’re among the people who are on a budget but want to make your home look classy and luxe, you can definitely try replicating these ideas that won’t need to break the bank. 

1. Install huge lift-and-slide or bi-fold doors 

A luxury home surely has striking views of the mountains all around them and it’s easy for these homeowners to enjoy the outdoors. So, if you live with mountain views, you may want to design your home by focusing on these areas and incorporate them to your living room, for instance. If you want to enjoy your views year-around, you can try installing lift-and-slide or bi-fold doors in the middle of indoor and outdoor recreational spaces to transform both spaces to become larger. This will improve your experience and thoughts from the indoors throughout the colder months. 

2. Follow an open floor plan 

A luxury home comes with great character that’s achieved through an open floor plan. It won’t be considered lavish if it doesn’t have a magnificent entryway comprising a big two-story staircase and a wide airy open floor plan. As a matter of fact, it is well-known that having an open floor plan is a number one factor for having a luxury home. 

3. Technology is your best friend 

Of course, a luxury home is filled with ever-increasing development of technology. Nowadays, most homeowners aim to have it all when it comes to technology, and new home builders who offer this tech-trend are the ones who normally remain number one in the real estate market. 

Just a touch of a button on our smartphones can operate our homes’ lights, climate, lock the doors, and control your alarm system, even if you’re outside of the country. Most luxury homebuyers want to have all of these for their home. Home builders who install these types of technology like wireless home automation devices know that these trends are spot-on with the trends that every luxury homebuyer loves to have. Meanwhile, with the help of modern technology, the use of reclaimed materials are also increasing.

Homeowners are leaning more towards becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking for ways to utilize reclaimed materials including wood doors, flooring, and beams. 

4. Outdoor kitchen and pools 

Having a fully-stocked indoor kitchen is not enough for a homeowner who wants luxury. They also long for experiencing comforts of a cosy outdoor kitchen and cooking area. If you have no idea for the perfect outdoor kitchen, it comes with a small fridge for storing foods and drinks, built-in gas grill, stainless food prep area, a sink, and expansive stone patio seating areas for recreational activities or events.

When it comes to huge pools, waterfalls and enough privacy are your requirements, don’t forget changing cabanas and hot tubs. Of course, your leisure life doesn’t end indoors, but it can be expanded out-of-doors. Having this awesome al fresco flair will surely put your home to the luxury list.

5. Gaming and theatre facilities 

Although this is not new anymore, it’s still a part of the luxuriant living. It’s pretty obvious that every million dollar home has its own in-home theatre and gaming room. Luxury homeowners would even go overboard with more amenities like indoor pools, indoor basketball courts, and luxurious sports bar set-ups that liquor storage and feature televisions. 

Most importantly, if you make your gaming and theatre rooms more unique, then the better. Your primary goal here is to create a space where you will never feel tired to leave the comforts of home. All the things you need are there at your fingertips. 

6. Spa-looking bathroom 

An expensive life necessitates a sumptuous bathroom. If you’re a traveller, we’re sure that you want your own bathroom to like the best spas and hotels you’ve been to. Most homeowners would love to replicate the sense of opulence into their daily lives through spa-like bathrooms in their own homes. You may include in your bathroom large walk-in showers, head-to-toe shower jets, towel and floor warmers, and a massive soaker tub where you can relax and enjoy your solace. 

7. Install solar shades 

The sun’s intensity is not permanent and it changes throughout the day. In the morning, the sun’s rays are less intense compared to late afternoon. This change can have an effect in the comfort level of your home and add up to the energy load of your mechanically operated systems. 

To prevent your home from overheating, you may try adding solar shades to your windows facing South and West directions and add accurately sized overhangs to lessen the possibility of having an overheating home. This will help you save energy too during the summer months. 

Meanwhile, solar panels can also be installed if you want to use the sun’s intensity to your advantage. For your south-facing roofs, try adding solar panels to them so it’s able to obtain the sun’s energy to off-set if not all, but some of your electrical and water heating costs. 

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