7 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before Hiring It or Firing It

SEO Company
SEO Company

Hiring an expert SEO service provider is one of the biggest marketing decisions for a company.

If you can find!

The best SEO Company can catapult your business onto the first page of Google and other search engines, which will drive the most profitable traffic to your business website.

What you mean by ‘profitable traffic’?

I mentioned this world because when you earn top placement on Google, you don’t have to pay anything for this traffic so it is “profitable” Youare not paying daily per click charges

In case!

You hire the wrong SEO Company it can set you back and do more harm to your business, so be careful about that.

Don’t worry!

Here we are going to clear many points that will help you to choose the best SEO Company for your business.

Many companies, who left their SEO service provider because they weren’t giving results and continuously dropping  your position on Google.


When they came to us, we find there were low-quality links being built to the site, which was the drawback, or there was an old strategy used and keywords were not appropriate according to the page. 

If you are going to hire SEO company…

Wait a minute!

Firstly, let me congratulate you that you have come to the right place. Here you will not only get tips for hiring SEO companies can also find the differences between worst and best SEO service providers.

We can judge SEO companies by asking these questions given below; it will make you sure that you are on the right track.   

1. How long will it take to rank your website on Google?                          

This is the first and important question which almost every business owner asks SEO service providers and they usually respond like…


“We can get your business on top 3 ranks within 2/3 months” is completely a crap.  

I apologize!

These types of SEO companies are giving a bad name to the entire SEO industry.

No doubt!

There are some on-site adjustments required that can provide good results if the site has a solid domain authority and backlinking can also move a website onto the first page of search engines.

But to be honest!

There is no guarantee and they cannot give you the proper answer to this question without doing a research on your website.


The best SEO Company will research your company’s website first and provide you an estimate based on competitiveness and strategy required for your business website.

2. What is the strategy for backlinking?

Backlinks are the foundation and mandatory for Google’s algorithm to increase your rank on Google.


You will have to measure your domain authority versus your competitors, which is a great indicator to see how far you still need to go for ranking your website on top. (As Backlinks increases your domain authority)

If the SEO service provider says they are building backlinks to your website, ask them for the backlink profile so that you can see whether they are authentic or not.

3. Is there on-site optimization that will be utilized?

In fact!

The user experience on any website is an important factor for Google ranking. When you are taking to an SEO company, make sure they work to improve the pages throughout your website.


SEO is an ongoing process, so these types of projects should be continuous and Google Analytics at the 100 most visited pages of your website. So, they should discover which pages have the highest bounce rate they need to work on.

4. What is their local SEO strategy?

If you can get a good amount of clients or services in your local market, your business website should be optimized within this local area, in that case, you need to ask your SEO Company these following questions:

1.        Has our business been submitted to a local directory also?

2.        Are my title tags optimized for our local market?

3.        Is your name, address and phone number (NAP) consistent throughout your site and local directories?

5. How will reporting be presented on their progress?

If your business site stands on the No. 40 position on Google for “Cleveland dentist,”


You would like to see progress made on your page as you are trying to climb on the first position as soon as possible.

In that case, make sure this keyword list should not be overly complicated.

This is a major issue usually most of the SEO companies make. They make the reporting so confusing but you need to compile on “20 most relevant keywords” to keep tabs on.

6. Is there keyword research taking place?

Make sure!

An SEO agency must present the popular keyword variations for your website homepage and also for interior pages that can drive traffic to your business website.


You do a Google search and scroll to the bottom of the first page, you will find “related search rapports” that Google results. These are great keyword variations to include on your site.

Ask your SEO service provider company whether they are using a free tool like SEMRush to find relevant keywords to rank your website.

7. What’s your blog strategy?

In fact!

Blogging plays an important role in Google ranking, it can drive relevant traffic for your business that can result in new business opportunities for you.


Your blog must have proper information which your audience is looking over the internet. You should focus on queries that your customers might have that wouldn’t be covered on other sites.


Many SEO companies compete for the same service or products, ask your SEO Company what additionally they do to beat your competitor.

With the appropriate, relevant and unique information you have an opportunity to rank on the first position in your local market but nationwide for search terms, it takes time.

Make sure!

They just don’t only blog to say that they are blogging but must cover relevant purpose for your business.

SEO is a giant brainteaser.


A good SEO company will help put all of the pieces together for rank your website on top three positions gradually. It will make a big difference for your business.

They can also guide you better to understand what is taking place with your SEO strategy; get in touch with our SEO experts.

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