7 Most Demanding Fitness Trends of 2022

Fitness Trends

After multiple lockdowns, many people have adjusted to their workout routine. A new mentality of exercise has continued to rise. A fitness mindset that craves convenience and flexibility is apparent in the industry. Consumer behavior and priorities will shape the future of fitness. The brand will need to make changes in its services according to customers’ needs.

Fitness Trends of 2022

Hybrid Gym membership

We are seeing an increase in hybrid gym membership in 2022. Many traditional gyms are noticing that members want to have workout options online or in-person. Online fitness is not necessarily a competitor to brick-and-mortar businesses but an ally as long as you adopt the need of the member. Members want to visit the gym a few days a week but want to continue workout from home. Hybrid gym memberships are all about giving convenience to the member’s demand and not expectations. In case of fatigue and tiredness, consider a Mate Mate energy drink for a natural energy boost.

Wellness-tracking wearable technology

Wearable tech and activity trackers are becoming popular in 2022 but they are going beyond fitness. This year we saw some new features introduced by the companies that delve into the metrics like stress levels, body temperatures, heart rate, and sleep. People are looking for a variety of wellness metrics that go beyond just miles or runs. In the last year, the wearable technology company Whoop raises $200 million in funding. Whoop can track your health, sleep, strain, and recovery so that you can look into the big picture. For a person facing dehydration often, try a Yerba Mate energy drink for instant hydration needs.

Exercising outdoors

People are spending time in the outdoor gym and exercising due to the gym closure. So many members want to work out outside the gym. A study conducted by Pure Gym based on Google searches found that stroller fitness and reverse running are climbing the list of popular searches. Outdoor activities like cycling, running, walking and outdoor workout will remain popular ways to exercise for the next few years. People don’t just want to exercise but to get the benefits of nature.

Low impact exercise

High-impact exercise has always been in trend but low-impact exercise is growing. Workouts like pilates, rowing, and yoga are great for strengthening the body and are less harsh on the body. People want functional exercise and just want to live healthier. Pure Barre which is the largest barre studio focuses on small movements that lead to bigger ones.

Inclusive fitness

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive fitness industry is going to be the underlying theme for fitness studios, gyms, and fitness apps. From instructor to different workout styles is all your responsibility to create a different but effective environment. Due to online and home workouts, people have more access to fitness like never before. But there is still room for a high level of inclusivity with fitness apps like Joyn that focuses on body-neutral movement with no diet and judgment talk.

Mini workouts

Mini workouts are for those people who don’t have 45 minutes to dedicate a workout. Such people want to squeeze out with a quick workout in a day. A mini workout is beneficial for those who are short of time and don’t want a huge workout. Whether it is strength training or a ten-minute bodyweight training program, it is simple and quick. Keep yourself hydrating during workouts with Mate Mate for a natural energy boost and stay hydrated.

Fun group fitness classes

There is always something unique to working out in groups that makes you feel good. Entire fitness brands are made on the conceptual premise that people love to work out in groups and it elevates their business. HIIT and Yoga will always be popular group workouts. We are seeing roller skating, trapeze, and tramoline growing in popularity.

Wrap up

Due to the pandemic effect, people are a bit scared and lazy about gym workouts. They are looking for outdoor or group workouts to stay healthy and confident about their health. This is why outdoor workouts, home workouts, fun group fitness classes, and inclusive fitness are coming in limelight. Growing trends are changing the entire structure of fitness brand and is challenging for them.

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