7 Reasons You Should Visit Bucaramanga


Bucaramanga is the capital city of the present Santander province located inside Columbia. It is a scenic city having incredible weather and is extremely safe for people to live in. The city of Bucaramanga is also lying in the Andean mountainous region. Hence, if you are one of those people into adventure sports, there is a lot to do. You can go paragliding and other outdoor activities in Parque Nacional del Chicamocha. It is also called Buca by people in the name of love. You will find various universities and city parks that are a perfect spot for leisure activities and the relaxed nature that the city is known for.

To be very honest, there are not a lot of tourist attractions. However, there are plenty of Churches, Markets, cultural institutes, and other day trips to keep you busy throughout. Additionally, you will be appalled by the nightlife here, and at the same time, the local cuisine of the place is fabulous and a little bit adventurous.

Here in this article, we will discuss the top 7 reasons you should visit Bucaramanga. Hold on tight, as we will see this beautiful city seated in the depths of Colombia.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Bucaramanga:

1. Parque Nacional de Chicamocha 

The city of Bucaramanga is a phenomenal bobbing-off point for visiting the nearby recreational area, in any case, called “Panache,” where you’ll find enormous heaps of outside works out. The amusement community features green scenes, a significant gorge, and the hair-raising inclinations of the Andes. 

You can ride an inconceivable airborne trolley – one of the longest on earth – for shocking points of view on the chasm. Fill your days here with things like drifting, fishing, climbing, climbing, paragliding, kayaking, camping out, and spelunking. 

The national park can be easily explored with the help of guided tours. To book the best guided tours, we suggest you make airline bookings. These Airline bookings will get you cheap guided tours. Make American Airlines reservations and avail of the offers.

2. Endeavor the Local Cuisine 

Bucaramanga and the including Santander Department are famous for some unique dishes and “joys.” Fritanga is a smooth blowout of southern-style yuca, corn, potatoes, hotdogs, and steak. 

Cabra, or goat meat, is similarly beautiful around here, so you’ll see it on many menus. On the off chance that you’re gutsy, endeavor the pepitoria, a dish of goat inner parts stewed with blood and served over rice, nonetheless in the event that you’re yearning for the meats, head to El Viejo Chiflas, which presents huge grilled platters nearby other normal Colombian food assortments. 

3. Paragliding 

Warm breezes have a lot of this area of Colombia, so there could be no more prominent (or more affordable) spot to have a go at paragliding strangely than here. 

Get to some degree an adrenaline flood mixed in with the calming impression of flight when you hop off the side of a mountain. The viewpoints on the rich green slants under are splendid, and unwind, you’ll be lashed to a specialist on these first pair flights. 

4. Excursion to Girón 

Just a little ways from Bucaramanga, there’s a wonderful negligible pioneer town that is ideal for photographs, loosening up, and a fair stroll around the central square. 

Set up in the 1630s, it’s the important Latin colony in the Santander locale. This is evident in its cobblestoned streets, all around ensured whitewashed constructions and horse carriages. There’s a malecón (waterfront street), minimal stone expansions, dark decks, a few bewildering sanctuaries.

5. Mercado Central 

The core shopping street of Bucaramanga is effective and certainly worth the outing to roam among the produce, shoes, blooms, articles of clothing, and Santandereana crafted works you’ll find there. 

The food court on the fourth floor is the best spot for another, unassuming lunch. You can go on inspecting avocados that seem exactly the size of one’s hed. Take a look at the freshly-butchered meats on the way of saying hello to agreeable neighborhood traders.

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6. Museo Casa de Bolívar

If you want to visit the culture and history of this otherwise very modern city, we suggest you go to Casa de Bolivar. 

It was built in the 1700s. The House present here acted as a shelter for the very famous Simon Bolivar for a good couple of months. He used to use this home when he was in Bucaramanga.

7. Catedral de la Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is a famous church and faces the incredible Parque Santander and acts as the most astonishing church here. 

The originality of creating this church began in the year 1895. However, till the middle of the 20th century, the constructions went on.

Take a guided tour to the cathedral and enjoy whatever and however, best guided you can. You can get these guided tours by applying for Airlines tourist packages that help you with a lot of stuff. You can make Southwest Airlines Reservations and avail all the said offers.

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