8 Benefits of Fiber Optic Cables for Internet


When it comes to the ethernet network for your company, it is always best to avoid cutting corners. Investing in quality fiber optic cable suppliers is a must to ensure you’re not compromising with the quality of service. When you talk about speed and reliability, there is nothing better than fiber-optic network connections.

In this article, we share 8 different benefits or advantages of using Fiber optic cables for your internet connection within the business.


Compared to the other options like copper cable, in the market, fiber cables are comparatively much more reliable. This is especially noticeable when using online streaming services on your network. 

Fiber Optic cable suppliers

They need to have good speed so there are no data losses or buffering issues. Further, these fibre cables aren’t prone to outages like other cable types in the market. This is possible since these cables don’t require energized lines.

High-Speed Network

There is nothing worse than facing connection speed issues, especially when most of the businesses deal online today. Every second your network faces downtime, it’s prone to losses. 

That is why you need a network that offers ethernet cables with fast speeds. Fiber optics offer speeds from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps which is at least ten to twenty times faster than its competition.

No Throttling Issue

Have you ever been in a situation when suddenly when you need your connection speed the most, it drops down to the worst number? This is called throttling that is used by service providers to control and manage internet speeds to prevent outages.

Consistent Speeds

In most of the mobile networks these days, it is common to experience huge variables in download and upload speeds. Most of these networks have high download but low upload speeds. 

This is a pretty significant factor when you consider an ethernet network of businesses. Fiber optic cables offer the same speed for upload and download which leads to much higher overall connection and reliability.

No Data Loss

In data consumption, your network is uploading and sending data constantly. Everytime it faces some downtime, data packets are lost, which reduces the overall quality of service for the user. 

In a business, this can cause significant losses. Hence, a network connection with higher speed is necessary to avoid any data losses, and fiber cable networks are the best in this field.


The quality of network cables are affected by the surroundings they are installed in, which is generally the case with other network cables such as a cobble ethernet cable. 

Compared to other types of network cables in the market, Cat6 fiber optic cables are much more sturdier. This implies that they will perform the same even when being used in a harsh environment.

Fiber optic cables

Multiple Connection

Usually when you connect multiple devices on an ethernet connection, you notice a significant sacrifice of speed and quality of the connection. With so many digital devices being used in households and businesses these days, the need of a reliable connection that can support multiple devices is increasing. 

Thats why, having a fiber optic cable connection is necessary as it does not compromise the internet connection quality even when there are multiple devices connected. You will always get the same steady connection on every device.

Single and Multimode Fiber

These cables offer single mode and multimode fiber, which can be helpful when installing in different locations. Both types of fiber cable have different core diameter. 

You can use single-mode fibre cables when you need higher bandwidth but shorter distances. Whereas, a multimode fibre cable is beneficial for installation in long-range connections, but with shorter bandwidth.

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