8 Fun Experiences On A Family Holiday In Vienna

Family Holiday In Vienna

Vienna is such a  dream city that flaunts various artistic and musical legacies. The solo piano sonatas of Mozart, the nine symphonies of Beethoven, and the dream interpretations of Sigmund Freud – all of it was shaped in the beautiful artistic realms of Vienna. 

Be it the baroque architecture, the imperial structures, the comforting taste of Viennese cuisine, or the creative vibe permeating the air of the city, Vienna’s different facets give way to a plethora of experiences, that can be cherished by all. Be it the adults or the young ones, there is something for everyone to indulge in. So, don’t wait and get your flight booking now through air mauritius official site and explore various family packages to Vienna at very affordable rates. 

Here are the 8 most fascinating experiences to enjoy in Vienna, with your family.

1. Go, Museum Hopping

Where can you head to delve deep into a city’s identity? The most underrated spots that include the like of its Museums!

The experience of learning about a city through historical art pieces and curated artifacts at a museum can make for a wholesome experience for the entire family. Head to the Kunsthistorisches Museum to check out its rich imperial art collections including one of the world’s richest coin collections. The Leopold Museum would be a breath of fresh air, showcasing one of the largest 19th and 20th-century collections of Austrian Art. Feel inspired by the contemporary art pieces of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol at Mumok, and let the kids go nuts with the meteorites, pre-historic finds, and fossils at the Naturhistorisches Museum.

2. Get a Taste of the Local Produce and Different Cuisines at Vienna Naschmarkt

What’s more fun than shopping for some local produce and relishing different cuisines and flavors? None that we can think about!

Tantalize your taste buds with different flavors from around 120 market stands and many colorful restaurants. While delicacies like Vietnamese, Lebanese, Israeli, Turkish, and others can be tried out here at the market, there is also plenty of fresh local produce that can be savored. The aspiring chefs, the food connoisseurs and those who just love to eat would have a great time here. If you are staying at a bed and breakfast with your family, get your hands on the freshest of the organic produce here and cook up a storm for a get together full of food, fun, and frolic.

3. Cherish the Family Living Room Banter on a Holiday at Vienna’s Cozy Coffee Houses

Want the comforts of a living room banter with your family? Head to the iconic coffee houses of Vienna to experience it all. The coffee house culture of the city is listed amongst the Intangible Cultural Heritage experience by UNESCO. 

These coffee spaces are great places to check out an amazing blend of the vintage Romantic Historicism architecture and the modern elements. Art lovers, history lovers, literature enthusiasts, coffee connoisseurs, and the ones who find comfort in a space that blends a casual banter with coffee and reading would find these places comforting.  The iconic names include the likes of Aida, Café Central, Café Bräunerhof, and Café Demel.

4. Experience the Delights of Opera and Operettas

Take your family for a quintessential experience of an Opera performance or an Operetta. It is one of the most iconic cultural and artistic experiences in the city. The entire act of opera performance with crystal-clear acoustics and splendid dramatic performances are so enticing, that it’s packed for almost 300 days of a year. And Vienna State Opera offers a different program each and every day, with more than 60 shows and ballet works. There’s also Vienna Volksoper and Theater an der Wien to explore. 

If you are traveling during the months of April, May, June, September, and around New Year’s Eve, experience ‘Opera for All’ on a video screen right outside Vienna State Opera. Make an evening out of it with your family, and experience the delights of Opera on a street, totally free of cost.

5. Get on with the Palace Tour on a Tram, a Horse Carriage or a Bus

Got more sightseeing on your mind? Go for an informative Palace tour in Vienna. The city is known for its many palaces, like Schönbrunn Palace, The Hofburg, Schloss Hetzendorf, Palais Lobkowitz, Palais Harrach, and others (the list is endless!). The striking feature of these wondrous palaces is its history, art, and baroque architecture. You can palace hop on a tram or a horse carriage or even a double-decker tourist bus. It makes the entire experience fun for the kids as well as the adults.

6. Absorb the Burgeoning Street Art Scene

Bored of the history lessons already? Get out of the imperial and baroque palaces and make your way into the streets of Vienna.

Checking out the works of different artists on different buildings, structures, and other public spaces can make for a fun experience for the entire family. The local burgeoning street art scene of Vienna has captured the interest of many. There are different areas in the city that artists like David Leavitt and David Torres from Cyrcle, Aldo Giannotti from Genoa Italy and Perk Up from Vienna have covered with their masterpieces.

Last words

If you’ve been searching for the amazing Vienna family tour ideas, browse through our 8 fun experiences on a family holiday in Vienna you must experience at once to indulge in it. This rapid-paced vacation spot will help you discover which points of interest and neighborhoods to test out in the course of your excursion. All you have to, grab your phone and dial Virgin Atlantic contact number to get instant booking to reach this beautiful place and start exploring these places on your own and have the best experience ever.

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