A Brief Guide to Organize Cultural Event for Muslim Community

Cultural Event

Muslim community constitutes the significant majority in the Middle Western countries of the world, specifically in the United Arab Emirates. Like other community and cultural events, celebrating the culture and values is important to make them feel valued. The holy month of Muslims that is Ramadan, has started, and it is the best time to set up a cultural event for them.

The holy festivities are on the rise during this time of the year. Muslim communities like to gather, pray, enjoy and support each other in the best possible manner to achieve more blessings and good deeds. A cultural event for the Muslim community during this time will help them connect better with each other and make the most of this holy time.

Cultural Event

Dig deeper into this article to explore a brief guide to organize a cultural event for the Muslim communities.

Top 7 Steps to Set Up Perfect Cultural Event for Muslim Community

The holy month of Muslims, Ramadan, changes their routine, as well as attitude towards each other. They make a deliberate effort to be kinder, supportive, and helpful even to strangers, which is the essence of fasting. Iftar dinners are also a common part of the festivities of this holy month; however, you can organize a holistic cultural event to help the Muslims gather and celebrate.

Here are some of the major steps you can follow to set up a perfect cultural event for Muslim communities around you.

1. Select Spacious Venue

The first step towards setting up a cultural event for Muslim communities during Ramadan is selecting a spacious venue. You need to be careful that the attendees would be fasting, and they would need to pray too, so a congested space might dull the spark of the event. Selecting a venue is not so easy, which prompts most organizers to hire the help of event companies in Abu Dhabi to look into the planning details and pick a perfect venue for the event.

2. Consider Timings of Event

 One of the most critical steps that you do need to follow to organize a perfect event during Ramadan for Muslim communities is to consider the timing of the event. The Muslims fast from dusk till dawn, so the daytime might not be a good time for the event. You can set up an overnight event that starts around dawn with the breaking of fast and ends at dawn with keeping the next fast.

3. Pay Special Attention to Menu

Food will be a major highlight of the cultural event organized during Ramadan, as the attendees will need to break and keep the fast. Paying special attention to the menu options is critical so the attendees can enjoy everything and do not keep the fast while feeling hungry. In addition to it, Muslims abstain from many edibles and drinks like pork and alcohol, so be sure to exclude them from your menu.

4. Decorate the Venue Perfectly

One of the major highlights of your cultural event for Muslim communities should be the decoration of the event. The little twinkling lights, as well as lanterns, are specifically associated with Ramadan. So, you do not need to go overboard with decorations but use these and other similar decorations to make the venue look more appealing and welcoming.

5. Set Up Shopping Stalls

One of the major highlights of the community event for Muslims should be the shopping stalls. Muslims dress up on the occasion of Eid and go to meet their loved ones and relatives, as well as exchange gifts. So, you can organize shopping stalls accordingly to help the attendees complete their festive shopping.

6. Include Activities for Children

One of the most essentials for your cultural event for Muslim communities during Ramadan is including activities for children. Children as small as five to six years often keep fast, which is quite commendable. You can make special arrangements for their fast-breaking ceremony, so they receive the deserving appreciation that motivates them to fast throughout the holy month.

7. Share Gift Hampers with Attendees

Lastly, the Muslims celebrate Eid at the commencement of the holy month. So, you can make an effort through your event and help them celebrate it with the best of spirits. You can share gift hampers with attendees that can include some essentials for Ramadan or for celebrating Eid. It will surely add to their joy. You can hire event companies in Abu Dhabi to set up the whole event as well as manage the gift hampers that make the event worthwhile for attendees.

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Organize a Perfect Event to Boost the Experience of Attendees!

The holy month of Ramadan has its own values, rituals, and essentials. You need to take care of all these while setting up an event. It will definitely require experience, and if you do not have that, it is best to rely on experts. So, contact the professionals now to organize a perfect community event for Muslims to celebrate Ramadan.

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