A Complete Guide Covering Toddler Tower

Toddler Tower

A child observes its surroundings as it grows up. This observation is crucial to nurture their personality, interests, and skills. In a world and surroundings made for adults, a child needs something like a toddler tower to adapt to it and continue observing and take part in it.

Wondering what a toddler tower is and whether it is safe for your child? We have put together the perfect toddler tower guide to read and understand why toddler towers are something that your child needs.

What is a Toddler Tower?

Toddler towers are known by many names, including learning towers, Montessori Learning Stool, Step Up Tower, and so on. They are a stool that elevates them and brings them to a comfortable height as the rest of their surroundings, which helps them be involved in daily activities safely.

They are available in various designs, but the basic is a partially open step-up stool that is appropriately balanced and made stable for eager and active toddlers.

What are its Uses?

Toddler Towers are versatile and can be used for several things.

  • With the help of toddler towers, your child can now engage in activities that they could not be a part of earlier because of the height difference. This will give them a sense of belonging to space and activities occurring around them.
  • Your child will now be able to help you with daily work which will prove to be a learning experience for them and a process of making precious memories for both. It will also help them stay active and increase their sense of responsibility.
  • Every child is generally interested in the process of cooking. With toddler towers, you can now bake and cook with your kid and involve them in the process, while keeping them safe. The same goes for making art and craft. The whole process becomes much more comfortable with a toddler tower.
  • As mentioned earlier, children observe way more than we think they do. Toddler towers allow them the opportunity to observe their surroundings and become attentive and learn from them.

When is it Best to Get a Toddler Tower?

You can get a toddler tower if your child is within the age of 2 to 6 years old. However, you may also consider the child’s growth and development and get one from around 18 months. Of course, you would need close supervision for that. As toddler towers are adjustable in height, you may adjust it as your child grows and develops with time.

Are Toddler Towers Safe for my Child?

It is natural to fret about the safety of your child. Toddler Towers are relatively safer than the standard stool as they are built to be a stable platform with a partially enclosed space. Parental supervision is always advised, but the toddler tower allows the parents to step away for a while and focus on other activities.

This will develop a sense of independence for the child as well. However, when it comes to being in the kitchen where there might be harmful things within reach of the child, it is advised that parents be careful.

As these toddler towers are of modern designs and could be folded or transformed, they will have many pinch points. Parents are advised to handle the toddler towers themselves or not fold them at all.

Toddler towers are an excellent tool for your children to get involved in your world. Thanks to the toddler tower, the tasks they could not be a part of will now be within their reach. This will boost your child’s personality, making them more active, responsible, eager, and keen.

What more, toddler towers give parents a bit of freedom to focus on other things while ensuring that your child is safe. All in all, the toddler tower is a perfect tool for modern parents and their modern kids.

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