A Complete Guide on Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery
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What is joint replacement?

A joint replacement is essentially repairing the worn-out parts of all your damaged joints with prosthetic implants. These artificial components are able to fit into the joints and work just like the original parts.

A good example would be that of knee replacement. When the damaged cartilages, tendons, ligaments and bones in the knees can no longer provide support, a doctor performs a knee replacement surgery to restore strength and mobility to the knee joint.

Types of Joint Replacement Surgery?

There are several types of joint replacement surgery. The type and specific procedure for your surgery will be determined by a team of medical professionals, including your orthopedic surgeon and other healthcare specialists.

Joint replacement, or arthroplasty, is most commonly performed as a treatment for osteoarthritis of the hip or knee but may be performed in any joint affected by arthritis.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement vs Partial Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement vs partial knee replacement is something that every patient needs to ask their doctor. The key distinction for a total knee vs partial knee replacement is not in the knee implant itself, rather it is in how much bone and cartilage can be preserved during surgery. In most cases, a total knee replacement may be better for your surgery.

When faced with a total knee replacement vs partial knee replacement patient, most surgeons will be faced with the challenge of deciding which pathway is right for their patient. It is important to understand that all surgery entails risks and benefits.

How each surgeon balances these between a total knee versus partial knee depends upon their individual practice and training. Each has their own reasons for selecting one approach over the other. Some do so due to a predetermined preference while others are swayed by certain unique considerations in each case.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement, also called arthroplasty, is surgery to replace the hip joint or damaged parts of the hip joint with artificial parts made of metal, plastic or ceramic. Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a total replacement or a hemi-replacement.

A total hip replacement is recommended when the entire joint surface is affected and requires an artificial ball and socket. In a hemi-hip replacement, only the damaged portions of the hip are replaced. 

What is Shoulder Replacement Surgery ?

Shoulder replacement surgery is a surgical operation used to replace the glenohumeral joint. Over time the shoulder, like other joints can wear and tear, causing the tissues holding the joint together to weaken and making it painful and difficult to move.

This is usually caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis which tends to affect middle aged people.

What is Joint Preservation ?

Joint preservation is a form of surgery that helps to treat problems associated with knee, hip and some other joints in the body. Every joint in the body is protected by a soft tissue called synovium.

At the same time, this tissue helps to allow a smooth and pain-free function of the joint. The synovium also secretes lubricants, which is necessary for movement and as well as preventing injury of the joints to occur.

Need of joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery is a viable alternative to a lifetime of chronic pain and immobility when traditional treatments such as painkillers, other surgical procedures, physical therapy and even joint revision surgery have failed to repair damaged joints.

Joint re-implants are performed to replace one or more of the body’s joints. This joint-replacing procedure is used to relocate the bones in a joint that may be misplaced due to accident, injury, arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Joint Replacement Surgery Recovery

Due to its prevalence and the physical limitations it brings to your life, joint pain is one of the most common medical conditions in people over 50. Joint replacement surgeries are meant to make your life easier, quicker and more comfortable again. However, there are a lot of factors that play a role in joint replacement surgery success rate.

Joint replacement surgery recovery time varies depending on the type of procedure and the size of the joint to be repaired.

Naturally, joint replacement surgery recovery time is not just about the procedures performed but about the entire process from pre-operative care till complete recovery.

Joint Replacement Surgery Cost

When looking for joint replacement surgery cost, you may think you’ll find more information about the costs of various surgeries. This is in fact very true. As you research different joint replacement procedures you will find that many of them have a wide range of costs and the reasons behind the wide range is that there are many factors involved in determining the final price tag on your procedure.

Most people who need joint replacement surgery are older and have already taken care of most of their financial goals, such as buying a home and saving for retirement.

As a result, they want the best price on joint replacement surgery when it comes time to pay expenses. In general, joint replacement surgery costs between $20,000 and $35,000 when performed at a hospital in the United States by an experienced surgeon.

Life after joint replacement surgery

Life after joint replacement surgery can be challenging. The first couple of weeks in a cast can heal the broken or damaged bone. Naturally, you’re looking forward to removing the cast and putting on a walking boot or crutches.

But life after joint replacement surgery does not end there. There are many basic do’s and don’ts you need to follow once you have your walking boot or crutches. You can reduce your risks of complications and ensure a healthy recovery by following these do’s and don’ts the experts recommend.

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