A Guide to Lord Howe Island Holidays

Lord Howe Island Holidays
Lord Howe Island Holidays

Lord Howe Islands is an excellent place for holiday covered with mountains and terrains with clean air. The Island has only 300 residents and allows 400 visitors at a time. You won’t see high rise buildings within 11 Kilometers. The mode of transport remains optional between bike and plane. This place is a total visit for a nature lover due to the biodiversity and wildlife existence. People can have fun while doing water sports, snorkelling, diving, and watching 130 immigrant birds. This place excels for hiking and many more fun activities which we will see in this article.

Enjoy a gourmet getaway.

Lord Howe is known for its supplement of natural resources consisting of vegetable patches, kingfish, and much more wild seafood. Pine Trees lodge run by the Rourke family since 1848 is one of the best places to stay in Lord Howe Island. It also includes Fish fry night with sunset point. For experiencing a five-star luxury stay with sunset drinks and a seasonal menu from the views of Mount Gower, one must visit Capella Lodge. You can also enjoy spa treatments in a timber yurt at Arajilla Retreat.

Walkthrough the scenery

Lord Howe Island Holidays offer a lot to all travellers and walking around the island tracks and beaches is one of the best ways to explore. The beaches also provide a rental boat facility for the kayak to Rabbit Island for a short hike. You can again hike out from Settlement beach to Kim’s Lookout passing through some incredible views. The next could be the Malabar hills, where you can see balls of pyramid soaring 551 meters from the ocean. Make your last stop at Ned’s beach and end it with a soothing swimming and excellent barbeques. Some hotels provide drop-off, but if you still want to continue more, you can head up to Blink Beach for surfing. The temperature remains suitable all year to plan your holiday. May to September remains fit for swimming and ocean activities, but it has all-season offerings for bird watchers. You can watch breeder birds like Sooty Terns, Brown Noddies, and Masked Boobies nesting and fledging during the month of January. By the end of August you can see mutton birds. And, October is the breeding time for the Red-tailed Tropicbird so, you might be luck to see them too.

Hike Mount Gower

Up for some adventure? You will have to walk 14 Km through the summit of Mount Gower and there you will meet some expert guides who will let you know about flora and fauna. This place offers a panoramic view of the Islands and the Tasman Sea. If you want to take a break away from your cell phones, this will be your dream destination. The speed slows down to 25 km per hour and will take around 8.5 hours of walk. You can also experience 875 meters climbing challenges but must possess a high fitness level to experience the clouds above you.

Diving & Snorkelling

The best part about diving in this Island is that people can experience more than 90 species of colourful coral and 500 species. The lucky ones get to see elusive angelfish down there. Some also provide customised boards with exceptional hulls to enjoy fishing with 20 passengers near the Balls pyramid for 20 minutes. It offers more significant navigation on higher swells of the ocean. You can also enjoy the Ball’s pyramid from the aeroplane. But the boat takes $170 AUD per person for signing up with them and won’t ride up to 6 hours. The coral reef can be found in crescent shapes and are preserved to make the experience like a dream come true. The Island itself is situated at the intersection of 5 significant oceans bringing more diversity to marine life. 


Lord Howe Island’s golf course is amongst the most picturesque Islands, located between the majestic mountains of Mt Gower and Mt Lidgbird. You can have a relaxing holiday. Take part in Friday’s Easter celebration or Sunday social games for some fun.

So these are the main attraction of the Islands. The Island also possess some excellent offering for your luxe stay. One of such is the Arajilla retreat with fine dine and magnificent furnishings. Travellers can also relax in the botanical spa and pamper themselves.

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