A Guide to Naming a Restaurant


In the restaurant business, naming is as an important an element of reputation building as the actual food that you serve. If you choose a business name that is simple to recall and easy to spell, new customers will have no difficulty in finding you as your word of mouth reputation spreads. From the theme of your restaurant to the location itself, your business name will be a permanent fixture that should encompass the best aspects of your eatery.

Naming a Restaurant by Location

If your business is situated in a reputable location, naming a restaurant after it is highly recommended. Sydney, for example, is full of very popular ‘Eat Streets’ that have an outstanding reputation throughout the city. From Haymarket and Newtown to Surry Hills and Cabramatta, your location will count for everything as long as the food matches the hype Goblin Clan Names.

Local diners tend to have more faith in locations that they trust but it pays to remember that some areas are nowhere near as popular as others might be. Think carefully if you are naming a restaurant using a location where there are other restaurants with a bad reputation. Mud sticks and you don’t want to be tarred with the same brush through your choice of business name.

The Restaurant Theme

The type of food you serve can play a positive influence on the business name that you choose for your restaurant. A good description of the theme tells diners exactly what to expect. If you happen to see business names such as ‘The Great Wall’, ‘The Lotus Garden’ or ‘The Jade Fountain’, you can be almost certain that they sell Chinese food.

Try not to confuse your customers. Even if your name really is Vincenzo, it probably isn’t a great idea to use it as your business name if you are serving Mexican food instead of Italian food.  A name of ethnic origin that serves an entirely different menu will only disappoint customers who arrive to eat with certain expectations.

Make Things Personal

Making things personally doesn’t mean you have to insult diners if they aren’t complimentary about the food you serve. Instead, it is more about naming a restaurant after a founder, a family member or even a relevant historical figure to promote an ambiance of tradition. The choice is entirely your own.

An Italian restaurant named ‘Mama Rosa’ instantly evokes an image of a jolly Mediterranean lady creating wonderful tomato sauces and perfectly firm al dente pasta using a family recipe passed down over generations. Even if Mama Rosa is little more than a figment of your own imagination, she will still be alive in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Avoid the Brands

Never try to piggyback on the names of successful food outlets unless you want to find yourself facing lengthy legal battles at great expense. Naming a restaurant on a variation of McDonald’s (if you have seen Eddie Murphy in ‘Coming to America’, you’ll know exactly what we mean!) could see your business crushed into the ground by corporate giants before it is even off the ground.

n Australia, where we have a strong fitness culture due to the fantastic weather we enjoy for most months of the year, becoming a personal trainer can reap great financial dividends. Once a luxury strictly reserved for the rich and famous, personal trainers have expanded into everyday life. They now offer their services to the public in gymnasiums or within a private capacity.

 The typical route of choosing business names sees “personal training” or “fitness” following the name of the individual and for one-person operations, the combination works well. The relevant domain is usually available and establishing a brand is simple. However, these business names are also restrictive when more trainers are hired or when the individual chooses to franchise their operation.

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