A Short Guide to Wardrobe Storage and Removal Boxes

Removal Boxes
Removal Boxes

Removal or wardrobe storage boxes are those versatile packing essentials that contribute greatly to a happy and comfortable packing experience. These are versatile packing products which you cannot do without because of the multiple benefits and advantages that they offer. The best part of moving or storage boxes is that they come in diverse ranges and sizes. Their versatility makes them capable of catering to any of your packaging requirements.

Wardrobe storage boxes

Corrugated paper boxes are the most preferred packaging material for shipping and storage products. They are used for packing a diverse range of products irrespective of their size, shape, or weight. These boxes are made up of corrugated fiberboard are commonly known as cardboard. Their cost effectiveness and versatile utility make them the most popular packaging materials all over the world. They have turned out to be a feasible and practical alternative in the times when the energy, fuel and production costs are increasing day by day.

Wardrobe storage boxes are made up of corrugated paperboard consisting of a fluted sheet attached to one or more than one liners. The flutes act as the heart of the construction and acts like a cushion for the packaged material providing safety against mechanical shocks, vibration, jerks, and bumps. Hence, they are essential for the packing of fragile objects such as electronic gadgets, television, glassware, delicate decorative pieces, and many others. Let us dive into the main benefits of corrugated storage and removal boxes:

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

As the basic construction of cardboard removal boxes is just paper, these are extremely lightweight and easy to handle. You can easily maneuver them while packing, shipping, loading, and unloading.

Excellent Protection

Corrugated wardrobe storage boxes offer excellent protection to the packed cargo and products. The appropriate combination of robustness and cushioning qualities makes them strong and durable enough to withstand the shocks and impacts during transportation and movement.

Cost Effective and Hugely in Demand

They are highly in demand and cost effective as the raw material required to make these versatile Boxes is cheap and readily available. They are the most cost-effective solution for packaging and shipping industries all over the world

Wide Range to choose from

Corrugated storage boxes are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs and colours as per the requirements and needs of the customers. Whether you are moving home or shifting office, storage and removal boxes come in all dimensions to serve the purpose.

Eco Friendly

Corrugated cardboard boxes are eco-friendly and biodegradable products which can be easily recycled and reused. As compared to other packaging materials such as plastic blister packs and others, corrugated boxes do not add to the existing carbon footprint on the planet

Common Types of Storage and Removal Boxes

Small Storage and Removal Boxes

Ideal for packing small household and office items like books, kitchenware, appliances, and others. These boxes typically measure around 12 inches to 14 inches

Medium Storage and Removal Boxes

Perfect for packing and storing medium-sized household objects and products like pans, vases, pots, picture frames, toys, stuffed animals, clothing, and many others. The size of these boxes range between 14 inches and 18 inches. These versatile packing and storage units are of optimum size which are easy to handle during the shipping process.

Large Storage and Removal Boxes

Come in handy when packing, storing, and transporting large, bulky, and lightweight items such pillows, beddings, blankets, and others. Keep in mind that large and heavy items should not be packed into these big storing and packing boxes because then it will be extremely difficult to move it from one place to the other.

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