A study experience in Australia is something that helps you grow professionally, but also as a person!


When you decide to have a study experience in another country, there are many aspects to consider: there are so many good schools and universities and so many wonderful places to live, that making a choice is not easy at all! Well, we want to give you a hand: here are the 10 reasons why Australia is the best place in the world to study!

1 An education system of excellence: Australia invests in training!

The education sector, in fact, is one of the 5 sectors that grows the most in the country and this thanks to a forward-looking government that allocates about 200 million dollars every year for scholarships to international students! Not bad, right?
Furthermore, the high quality of training is guaranteed whatever the chosen path: from the simple English course, to the professional course up to the university career, Australia offers its students over 22,000 courses and 1,200 institutions to choose from to identify the ideal solution to your needs and aspirations! It is not surprising, in fact, that since 2012 they have grown relentlessly to reach almost 800,000 in 2017: a number never reached before!

2 You improve your English in an English-speaking country

Whatever course you decide to attend, in Australia you will have the opportunity to greatly improve your language skills. Australia is an English-speaking country and therefore you will have to get used to communicating in English not only at school but wherever you are: at the supermarket, around the city, with your roommates … And then you will have to read and listen in English: the films, TV series, newspapers, magazines. In short, you will be completely immersed in the language and believe it: this is the best way to learn it spontaneously.
Of course, it won’t be easy at first, but you know what? That’s the way it is for everyone! So, don’t worry if the first few days it feels like you’ve landed on another planet and don’t be afraid to ask for explanations: Australians are used to conversing with non-native speakers and don’t mind repeating words you don’t understand. ! Moreover, they know that their slang can be really difficult to understand, but you will see that after a few months you will have heard it and you will begin to distinguish the accent, the idioms, the inflections and you will also be able to understand the abbreviations that Australians love to use so much (there is no other English-speaking country where you abbreviate so much!) and you will perfectly understand a sentence like: “When you play footy (football) with your cobbas (friends) in the arvo (afternoon).
And when you have achieved a good level of English, you will also be able to take the IELTS certification, which is one of the requirements to be met in order to apply for temporary residence visas!

3 Getting a student visa is easy!

Compared to other countries, it is relatively easy to obtain a student visa in Australia. Obviously, here too there are some requirements that you must prove you have and depending on the type of course chosen there are specific documents to submit, but Go Study can help you face all the procedures to apply for your Student visa without drowning in bureaucracy!
So, you only have to worry about choosing your ideal study course, we will take care of the rest!

4 It’s never too late – you can study even after 30!

ACTUALLY, if you are over 30, studying can be a privileged entrance ticket to Australia! In fact, the easiest visa to obtain for Over 30s is the Student visa, which is a visa that links your stay in Australia to the attendance of a study course of any type (from the simplest English course, to the professional course , up to the university course). For the Australian government, age does not matter when it comes to training and all those who want to try to make a career in Australia must demonstrate that they have a training course in line with the needs of the Australian job market.
Therefore, if you are dreaming of a new professional start, Australia is the right place to try!

5 Work while you study

Finding a job in Australia is not particularly complicated and there is no shortage of opportunities for those who choose to attend a study course. Almost everyone in Australia works while studying and the Student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours per week (part-time) during your studies and full time during breaks.
You can look for a job related to your field of study or, if you simply want to earn something, you can apply for “casual jobs” as a waiter, bartender, clerk or promoter. There are numerous job search platforms you can refer to as SEEK, one of the most popular in Australia. In short, there is no shortage of opportunities, but don’t forget to apply for the Tax File Number upon your arrival in Australia: without it it is not possible to work legally in Australia!

6 Your chances of finding a job increase

Taking a training course in Australia will help your job search whether you decide to do a Down Under work experience or you decide to return to Italy. Not to mention the fact that those who attend a professional course often already practice in companies or related realities. If, on the other hand, you decide to attend university in Australia, once you have finished your studies you can apply for a “Temporary Graduate Visa”, which allows you to work in the land of kangaroos for 12 months after your graduation.
In any case, a work experience abroad as well as a good knowledge of English are extremely positive factors for any potential employer, therefore a study experience in Australia helps.
But not only! Your chances of staying in Australia for the long term also increase.

7 Some of the best universities in the world are located here!

According to the University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds, in fact, among the 50 best universities in the world, 5 are Australian:

  • the Australian National University,
  • the University of Melbourne,
  • the University of New South Wales,
  • the University of Queensland,
  • the University of Sydney.
    And international students are welcome to take courses at these prestigious universities!
    And if this is still not enough, according to the Student City Ranking of QS, among the 5 best cities for students there is also Melbourne which, apparently, loves to climb the rankings, of whatever kind they are!

8 If you choose to attend the University in Western Australia you can aim for Permanent Residence!

Choosing to study in Western Australia has several advantages: the unique and wild nature that you can only find here, the wonderful climate all year round, the cute quokkas, which you can only find here (and if they are the happiest animals in the world there will be a reason!) … but from today there is one more reason! As of September 2018, the Western Australian government has indeed introduced a new path that can lead international students to permanent residency!
To access this path it is essential to focus on training: you must complete at least 2 years of university study in Western Australia.
So if staying long-term in Australia is your secret dream,

9 Breathtaking nature – here you will see places impossible to admire elsewhere!

Of course, there are many places in the world where studying is an excellent opportunity, but why not do it in a place where you can also enjoy unique landscapes and breathtaking nature? Great Barrier Reef, ski on the mountains in the south-east of the country, explore one of the lush tropical forests or completely switch off in the middle of the Australian desert.
There are over 36,000 kilometers of coastline and nearly 11,000 beaches to soak up the sun! And if life by the sea is not your thing, in Australia you will be spoiled for choice: over 500 national parks, more than 2,700 protected reserves and 17 UNESCO heritage sites! Where do we start?

10 Discover a new culture … and what a culture!

Ok. We know what you are thinking: “I could meet interesting people and a new culture wherever I decide to go”. It may be true, but we are sure of one thing: you will never regret having encountered Australian culture, indeed the risk could be that you will no longer be able to do without it.
And now, some indications not to be amazed when you arrive! First of all, don’t be surprised if anyone you meet on the street, even at the first meeting, will talk to you as you have always known each other. It’s normal. Just as it is normal to call oneself by first name, even when speaking to one’s boss or doctor. And when someone’s name is not known, they are simply called “mate”.After all, they are used to always having to deal with new people: almost 30% of those who live in Australia are immigrants and this greatly influences their culture and their way of life.
What if you want to try something typical? Taste crocodile, kangaroo or emu – you can also find them in the supermarket!

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