Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media In Our Life

Social Media In Our Life
Social Media In Our Life

Knowledge is power. Although we all know the proverb, very few people understand the role of social media in spreading knowledge. With the help of social media, anyone can enrich their knowledge from the sea of ​​untapped knowledge through the internet. It is undeniable that in today’s modern world, social media is having an impact on our society, economy, and overall outlook. Social media is a new mass platform, which provides an opportunity for people to exchange thoughts, communicate with people, gather everyone for any purpose, and get advice and give.

In today’s world, technology has given us the term social media. With this social media, we can easily connect with our loved ones. People don’t even recall those days when we cannot contact our loved one, now there is always new upgrading technology that has always upgraded our life. We highlighted the detrimental effect that social media has had on our childhood. With the help of social media, we can know the latest news on South Korean celebrities

Advantages of social media in our life:

Social media has decentralized the means of communication by removing barriers to communication and opened new doors of communication so that everyone in the oppressed countries can express their views equally and democratically. These media outlets contain and allow for the development of a wide variety of spontaneous, formal-informal, scholarly-non-scholarly writings.

The media expands the scope for mutual interest groups to collaborate with each other, as can be seen in the work of student group projects. Social media brings together reviews of people from different walks of life on education, economics, politics, class discrimination, interests, relationships, etc. Social media has broken down the walls of our society, country, and culture and brought all people closer together, but it all has a value.

Facebook and other social media are currently having a huge impact on people’s lives. Social isolation has been removed by the magic of Facebook. Members of the Facebook medium can choose certain people as friends. You can also return someone’s call for friendship.

Photos, videos, opinions, etc. shared through Facebook can be commented on. Counter comments left again. Private messages can be sent, which can only be read and viewed by the sender, not others. Moreover, there are different types of networks on Facebook to find new or familiar friends. Can be grouped according to your choice. The funniest thing about Facebook is chatting. After connecting with the desired friend, you can talk to him subject to being on Facebook.

Disadvantages of social media in our life:

One of the harmful aspects of social media is that pornography is exposed to teenagers. They can easily enter the sites of adults which can have a detrimental effect on their immature mentality.

Young people and teenagers are often stuck in the illusion of Facebook. Due to study, coaching, private, watching TV, etc., it is not possible to find the time. iPhone, smartphone in hand now. When they dream of growing up in the future, they wonder how many interesting pictures can be uploaded on Facebook.

Social media creates a gap between rich and poor in society. The poorest and poorest people are unable to take advantage of social media. Those who have the skills to use social media have more opportunities to get jobs, make friends with influential people, and participate in social activities in their area.

A kind of addiction is created among users of social media. More time is spent, sleep is disturbed and sexual intercourse is more. For all these reasons, social media makes users deranged.

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