All The Tools You Need for a Perfect Home Garden

Perfect Home Garden

Gardening is one of the best hobbies one can take up. It’s beneficial for your mental and physical health. It provides you with an opportunity to move your muscles and stay in shape, and it even gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finally get to enjoy the fruit of your hard labour. It’s almost like having a beautiful garden and possibly even fresh produce on your table are only an added benefit! However, everyone who has taken care of a garden knows that it’s no easy job. Your outdoor space can only look amazing if you maintain it regularly. If you still haven’t equipped your shed with all the necessities that will make your time spent working in your garden more productive, here are the tools that you should get first.

Protect your hands with gloves

Garden work might feel good to the body, but it can completely wreak havoc on your hands. So, if you plan on filling your garden with plants, get a pair of gardening gloves. Durable gardening gloves will not only protect your hand from injury when handling plants that don’t like to be touched, but they will also keep your hands and nails clean. Removing dirt from underneath your fingernails is a nightmare, so don’t skip this inexpensive must-have accessory!

Get reliable cutting tools

When the time for pruning your trees, shrubs, or roses arrives, you will find that a pair of sharp pruning shears are an absolute must. There are several types of shears, so make sure you get one for the purpose you need. If you have to deal with some thicker branches, consider adding a pair of loppers, which are similar to hand shears but with a long handle that gives more leverage. Next, a lot of people swear to Japanese gardener’s knives or “hori-hori” for a multitude of purposes, so picking up one of these can only be a good investment. Finally, for cutting herbs, a small snip or simply a pair of scissors will be the most convenient.

A set of hand tools for every occasion

Naturally, the next thing you will need is a cute set of hand tools that has all the essentials. This will be something that you use all the time so make sure you get a quality set, made from stainless steel. It should include, by all means, a hand trowel you will use for planting and transplanting, a hand cultivator you can use to loosen up the soil, a hand rake to remove dried leaves and debris from your flower beds, a hoe for dealing with hardened soil, as well as a weeder that will help you remove weeds. It might also be useful to get a smaller trowel for delicate transplanting.

Long-handled tools for bigger jobs

Besides hand tools, you will need a couple of long-handled tools, too. A lightweight leaf rake for collecting fallen leaves, a shovel for digging and moving dirt, and a digging fork for cultivating soil will most likely be enough, but you might also need a hoe and a garden rake depending on the state of your soil.

Think about watering

Unless your area gets a lot of rain, you will spend a considerable amount of time watering your garden. Needless to say, it can be a lot of extra work without the appropriate equipment. Firstly, every garden, even the smallest one, needs a watering can. Pick a size that you can comfortably carry. However, if you have a larger yard, installing a hose reel will be the most practical solution. A modern automatic hose reel will not only make watering a breeze, but it will also sit aesthetically on your wall instead of lying around, cluttering your space.

Get ready for planting

Finally, there are a few more things left that you will need to buy before you can start working on your garden. Firstly, get a few bags of potting soil appropriate for the kind of plants you intend to plant. Pick up a few pots as well since you will always need these. You can also prepare yard bags for collecting debris and consider getting a dump cart or wheelbarrow, depending on your needs. Finally, remember that you can always make things easier for yourself. Protective knee pads or a garden kneeler will remove some of the burdens from your body and you will be able to enjoy working in your garden much more.

While every garden is different, these tools are some of the essentials that everyone needs. Once you have all the basics, you can expand your collection based on your specific needs. You will find that there are a lot of handy and creative garden tools on the market that can make your job easier or simply enhance your experience. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try them!

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