APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship For Class 10th: Here’s What You Need to Know

APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship
APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship
APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship

Are you also amongst those tech-savvies? Find out details about APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship & Know the process on how can you Apply for this Scholarly Program!

In 1982, the joy of a scientist hailing from Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu knew no bounds when he learned of his selection as a rocket engineer at the coveted Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Undoubtedly, the journey had been one of determination and dedication. However, most importantly, his burning passion for science and technology-facilitated his remarkable journey – much like the propellants that fuelled the flight of the missiles he launched.

This personality was the renowned aerospace scientist and India’s former president, “missile man” Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, whose career spanned four glorious decades as a scientist and scientific administrator. And each year, Global Indian International School offers the lucrative Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship to fuel the passion of such technologically-inclined young minds.

The scholarship provides tech-savvy students from grades 6th-12th with a platform to achieve their goals. Does your child possess a scientific bend of mind, waiting to be nurtured? Then, here’s everything you should know about the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship offered by GIIS Bangalore:

Categories Under the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship

Category A

  • Category A includes students who have stood among the top 10 at the SOF or STEM Olympiads or the Robotics Olympiad. 
  • Alternatively, they should have received the first, second or third prizes at the annual competition held by the National Children’s Science Congress. 

Students under category A are eligible for a 20% discount on their tuition fees.

Category B

  • Students in this category should have secured the national rank among the top 20 students at the SOF, STEM or Robotics Olympiads. 
  • Alternatively, they should be first, second or third prize winners at the National Children’s Science Congress’s annual competition. 
  • Students who have been a part of one of the ranking teams at ISRO Space Quiz or National Space Settlement (NSS) are also eligible for the scholarship under category B. 

Category B students receive a 15% discount on their total tuition fees.

Category C

  • Eligibility in category C requires students to hold national ranks among the top 30 students at the SOF, STEM or Robotics Olympiads. 
  • Alternatively, they should feature among the top 10 rankers at any national or international competitions held by IT giants like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Intel etc. 
  • Top 10 rankers at National, State or International level Robot Olympiads and students who have been a part of the two ranking teams at the ISRO Space Quiz or National Space Settlement (NSS) are also eligible for scholarships under this category. 

Students under category C avail of a 10% discount on tuition fees.

The Scholarship Process

 Applying to this scholarship ‘is no rocket-science’! Here are the steps one must follow:

Students must submit the online application form available on the GIIS Bangalore website and upload all the required documents – including academic records of the past two years, published theses, Technology Project documents etc. – within the form.

  1. Selected students would receive an email notification from the school within ten working days.
  1. Students must appear for a scholarship assessment to demonstrate their capabilities and scholarship eligibility further.
  1. If required, the school may conduct a one-on-one interview to interact with the students and understand their calibre.
  1.  Finally, the scholarship selection and disbursal processes take place. Students must register at the school within two weeks and join within 90 days of the scholarship offered.


The APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship is a stepping stone for tech-savvy students to gain a firm foothold in the field of science and technology. GIIS Bangalore provides state-of-the-art infrastructure to fulfill the dreams of deserving technologically-inclined students!

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