Avoid Crowding, Opt Concierge COVID Testing

The most common yet one of the most important discussions going around the globe is nothing else but coronavirus. The topic remains the most prevalent one even after 9-10 months, which is absolutely justified, as the fear and the intensity of this virus has only increased during these months. The discussions have been positive as well as negative. The biggest benefit of having discussions is that a person gathers more knowledge about the topic and also gains a different perspective of the situation.

When we talk about coronavirus, the discussion can go on forever. Some common topics covered in the discussions are:

  • The reasons for the spread 
  • Precautions to prevent the spread 
  • Testing facilities for the virus 
  • Duties and responsibilities of citizens as well as government 

There is so much to talk about. The main topic of discussion nowadays, after almost 10 months of Covid-19 is the testing facilities available for COVID. In this post, we would also spread awareness and share knowledge about COVID testing. 

Ever since the spread of the virus has started, the main focus of each and every government has remained to break the chain of the virus and to build up the medical infrastructure so as to look after the health of the general public. The biggest barrier at the beginning of the pandemic remained a lack of testing facilities. The number of testing laboratories was not sufficient enough to provide results soon. Since the testing laboratories were taking approximately a week to provide COVID test results, it was getting tougher to treat the patients. 

Noticing these hurdles, governments instantly started working on providing infrastructure to as many laboratories as possible, so that the reports for Covid-19 could be produced in a shorter time span leading to timely treatment of patients. 

COVID testing is available for both the symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. For the patients showing severe symptoms, the Nasal Swab tests are conducted. But for those who do not have any symptoms should get an Antibody test done. The Antibody test is to find out if the person has been infected by the virus in the past few weeks. 

Concierge COVID Testing Santa Monica is one of the testing facilities that can be opted by people. The term concierge refers to a person who receives guests at a hotel or some other place. When we say concierge COVID testing, we are referring to the testing facility wherein a nurse is present to take test samples for you. While getting a concierge COVID test done, you do not even have to step out of your car. The nurse would walk to your car in order to collect your samples and test reports would be mailed to you as soon as they arrive. 

Some very basic yet important advantages of Concierge Covid Tests are:

  • No contact with other people. Hence, physical distancing is not an issue.
  • The nurse collecting samples is trained and is asked to take care of sanitization.
  • No time wasted, is time saved.
  • Reports are accurate and arrive on the same day.
  • Complete testing in just one short visit.

When the pandemic started, tests were being conducted for only those individuals who were showing severe symptoms. These patients were also getting their test reports after 6-7 days leading to even more severe symptoms. This was obviously because of the fewer testing laboratories. But now when so many more testing laboratories are providing public with COVID testing facilities, it only makes sense for you to go and get yourself tested. This would not only clear the doubt of you being infected with the virus or not but would also reduce the stress caused because of this virus. If nothing else then just to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, everyone should get themselves tested. And in case you test positive for the virus, you can get treatment on time and recover sooner. So, take up the responsibility of your health and step out just once for COVID Test.

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