How to Backup Outlook Office 365 Emails? The Need for Backup

backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails

In today’s world, every smart user knows the importance of a backup and wants to know how to backup Outlook Office 365 emails.

There have been many cases where users do not create a backup of their data and end up losing it all to hackers or virus attacks.

The fact that data is safe on the cloud is partially true. The data on the cloud is kept safe by the web-based service that you are using.

Only a limited number of risks are eliminated by these platforms. However, there are some threats that you can get through only if you backup Microsoft 365 emails.

Check out this user query to find out what situations can be avoided by creating a backup of your data.

User QueryI was always so sure that my data on Office 365 will be safe and I do not have to take a backup of it. Then, reality hit me hard and now I have lost a lot of my emails due to a virus attack. If only there is a way to restore them, I would really appreciate it!

Unfortunately, if the data is permanently gone from the mailbox, there is no way to get it back.

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How to Backup Outlook Office 365 Emails to Avoid Any Trouble?

As seen above in the user query, there is no going back if your data is lost. But, these situations can be avoided if you create a backup of your data beforehand.

Here are two methods for performing the backup operation.

Office 365 offers a Content Search eDiscovery method that can be used to export the emails to local storage. But remember that this method is suitable for technocrats so if you are a non-technical user, this solution is not the best for you.

To successfully backup Microsoft 365 emails, download the Office 365 Email Backup Tool. It will create a backup of your emails on local storage without any hindrances.

Towards the first method.

Downloading Emails Using Content Search eDiscovery Method

Using this tool, it is possible to find the data from public folders or mailboxes. Then this data can be exported to Outlook data file to access them in the future.

Follow the given steps:

  • Sign in to Office 365 account and move to the Exchange Admin Center to learn how to backup Outlook Office 365 emails.
backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails
  • Ensure that you are already a member of eDiscovery Manager role group. If not, add yourself as a member.
backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails
  • After that, you have to create a new Content Search and choose the mailboxes you want exported.
backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails
  • When the data is exported, it can be downloaded on your local storage.
backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails

This is a complicated method because after downloading the data, you need to provide an export key to save the data as an Outlook data file.

Now, moving on to the professional solution.

Export Microsoft 365 Emails Using the Professional Technique

An easy procedure is what users want for saving the time and effort that are wasted applying the manual method.

This is that easy procedure that should help users save offline copies of their data on the local device. There is an option to convert all the emails to Outlook-supported format in a single shot.

The data from Shared Mailboxes can also be exported if the need is from all the items i.e. Emails, Calendars, Contacts, & Documents.

Check out the steps for backup.

How to Backup Outlook Office 365 Emails Via the Software?

  • Run the tool and activate it by clicking on the Activate button on the bottom left corner. In the Setup tab, select the Source as Office 365 and Destination as Outlook.
backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails
  • Then, choose the Mail option in the Workload Selection section and mark the Date-filter for downloading data selectively.
backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails
  • Give in the admin credentials for Office 365 account and Validate the account permissions. Click on the Next button.
how to backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails
  • After that, in the destination window for Outlook, enter the size & destination to backup Microsoft 365 emails. Hit the Validate option and press Next.
backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails
  • In this step, add the users by choosing one of the options i.e. Fetch Users or Import Users.
guide to backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails
  • Lastly, validate the mapping of accounts and then hit the Start Backup option.
ways to backup your Outlook Office 365 Emails

If you want to run the backup procedure again, choose one of the three modes:

  • Retry Failed Items: In case there are certain files that might have been failed or skipped in the previous process, this option will export only those files.
  • Re-Run Full Backup: Learn how to backup Outlook Office 365 emails again if you are not satisfied with the help of this feature.
  • Delta Backup: With the help of this feature, only the newly arrived data be exported by rescanning the mailboxes.

Ending Part

Creating a backup of your data is a wise practice and can be useful in the future. If you lose your data due to accidental deletion or any virus attack, this backup comes in handy.

Learning the manual solution makes it clear that it is not a simple procedure and can’t completely be trusted. So, for a flexible process, the software is suggested to learn how to backup Outlook Office 365 emails.

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