Beautiful And Amazing Diwali Gifts Under 999

diwali gifts under 999
diwali gifts under 999

Diwali is the festival of light for all Hindus. This is one of the very famous festivals. Spiritually Diwali signifies “knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, the victory of light over darkness”. The festival is basically associated with Goddess Laxmi of prosperity. But based on our Hindu tradition and our mythology, this festival of light relates to our great Hindu Epic Ramayana, Sri Ram and Devi Sita with brother Laxmana. When the three return back to Ayodhya, their home from 14 years of vanvas Ayodhya was decorated with lights in the joy of their return. So from that time Diwali is being celebrated.  At this festival, everyone Cracks crackers, decorates the house with lights, distributes, and shares sweets among friends and relatives. New dresses are also exchanged among family members.


This is a very unique Diwali gift under 999 to decorate your house. The ends of these nut bolt themed books are quite a very interesting one. Buy this as a gift I can assure that you as well as to whom you are going to give this will surely love it. So surprise your friend or relative with this nut bolt bookends on this prosperous festival Diwali, as a gift.


This is a very classy idea for Diwali gifts under 999. This attractive handmade crafted combo which is made of Terracotta Madhubani vases is a perfectly lovely gift item. The vibrant colors of this terracotta Madhubani vasses will surely enhance and stand out this combo. This will positively increase the charm of your room. Especially the corner of your room where you will place the Terracotta Madhubani Hand Painted Vase Combo. So don’t waste your time thinking about what to give your dear and near ones. Just buy this Terracotta Madhubani Hand Painted Vase Combo and give them in this Diwali.


This set of Brass Ganesh Wall Hanging Deepak with Bells is the perfect and unique diwali gift under 999. On this auspicious festival, you can make your dear and near ones happy by giving them this set of brass Ganesh as gifts. The greatness of this brass Ganesh piece is that you can dangle it on any wall. And this brass Ganesh wall hanging Deepak with bells is so attractive that everyone will appreciate it as a gift. So this Diwali will enrich the beauty of your loved one’s house with your this brass Ganesh gift.


Instead of bursting crackers, and giving crackers to your loved ones you should make our environment friendly free from pollution, and should give them gifts which are friendly for our environment. So Terracotta Hand Crafted Copper and Silver Golden Planter is a perfect Diwali gift under 999 which is a very good friend gift for our environment. So buy this and gift it to your all friends and dear and near ones on this festival of light, and make our environment pollution-free. And tell others also not to burst crackers and pollute the environment, instead make our environment pollution-free. So take the oath to keep our environment free from pollution from the day of Diwali. Not to burst crackers but to make our environment eco-friendly.


Here comes another gorgeous and affordable item for a Diwali gift under 999. One of the most creative concepts is this 3 Arm Wire Chandelier with Beads I have come across in a while. If you want to see the real charm of this piece you only need a trendy empty bottle. It may look a bit numb in the morning but at night it will definitely show its charm and glow.


A beautiful personalized picture mug is a good idea for Diwali gifts under 999. You can gift this mug to anyone you like, just you need their pictures to print them on the mug. You can also wish them happy Diwali printed on the mug. A perfect and very memorable gift for your family member or a friend or a loved one. No gift can be better than a gift that will keep one’s memory forever. So hurry buy this personalized picture mug and gift it to your loved ones at this festival of Diwali and make them feel that they are very special to you.

I hope all these beautiful, gorgeous, unique affordable gifts under the price of 999 have touched your heart and you will surely buy these gifts for your loved ones for your dear and near ones and for your family members and friends on this eve of Diwali. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Enjoy the festival with a beautiful heart and love for all the natives.

Stay happy and healthy and have a happy journey ahead.

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