Beguiling Custom Eyelash Boxes for Featuring Long and Short Lashes

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Promoting the beauty products can be trickier than you think. It is not easy to grab attention of the customers for cosmetics as they have so many choices. You can leave a great and lasting impression through creative boxes for display. Use them for communicating the formulation and features of the packaged items. If you have a new or small brand, interactive and intriguing packaging would support you with building distinctive perception of your business. You can utilize the boxes to your advantage for making your offers enticing for the potential buyers.

Appealing personalized packaging would captivate the walk- in consumers. They will feel attracted toward the long and short lashes showcased in catchy wholesale eyelash boxes. You can make the products worth buying by mentioning their specifications and what makes them value for money. You need to have a competent printing provider by your side for getting the packaging custom made according to your industry inclinations. Before signing up with a printer, take a look at the samples and ask in detail about the techniques used in the processes. Don’t get carried away by the too good to be true claims of amateur vendors that might lure you because of the cheap rates.

Poorly printed boxes wouldn’t be able to sustain the fake eyelashes. You should therefore be meticulous with making the preference for your packaging provider.

Tips in this post will aid you with customizing packaging for long and short lashes!

Spacious Boxes with Window

Packaging for false eyelash extensions should have good storage space to protect the items from getting affected by moisture and shock. Adding window to the boxes would make it convenient for the shoppers to view the length, volume and other features of the lashes to make an informed buying decision. Have the packaging printed with cardboard or some other reliable stock that can enhance its shelf life and strength.

For Better Branding use Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo

Packaging printed with your business’ name, logo and customer centric practices is likely to support with making your brand memorable and commendable. Such boxes would serve as insignia of your cosmetic company helping with building distinguished identity. There are many customizations available that can be utilized for making your logo pop on packaging like embossing. Ask the printer for other similar options.

Packaging with Reviews and Recommendations

Have the boxes for short and long falsies printed with reviews and the approval that the items are dermatologically tested and approved. Packaging that gives social proof to the buyers would make the purchase decision less time consuming for them. Custom eyelash boxes should have inserts to keep the lashes properly stored especially if you intend to ship them to customers far and wide.

Packaging for bundled up items can be customized with festive themes especially for Valentine’s and New Year’s sales. Boxes need to have clear instructions on how the fake eyelashes should be applied. If you have a youtube channel with a number of videos, provide the link.

Avail the custom packaging solutions by the Legacy Printing and get design assistance, handling and personalized services at an affordable price. The printer has a friendly and trained team that is enthusiastic to serve clients at all times.

The boxes should have the text in readable font size and style. Don’t clutter the packaging with long sentences.

Custom Eyelash Packaging with Strength and Finesse

Boxes carrying the eyelash extensions should be trustworthy enough to keep the boxed items safe from wetness, dust and shock. Cardboard is usually the preferred special for retail packaging but you can take a look at other stock decisions as well. Full color printed boxes are durable and amazing to look at and drop. You can have biodegradable packaging if you want to approve your eco-consciousness.

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