Best And Effective Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Plant Alive When You Leave For Vacation

Plants are a major part of our daily life. Actually, we are alive because the plant is close to us. But here, we are talking about what you grow in your home. You know, when something lives with us for a long time that thing becomes a part of our life. It doesn’t matter, that thing is living things or non-living things. Just like pets, plants also become a member of our family. But when we go for a vacation, we can take our pets with us but not plants. And, you don’t want that when you come back home, you find your plants are about to die. They become so weak and trust me it hurts a lot. Like when you send flowers to someone from Bloomsvilla, that person says thank you. You know why that person said thanks to you. Because that was fresh flowers. Like sometimes you prefer to buy flowers from Flower Delivery in Chennai. It’s all because of freshness. Just like flowers, you want to keep your plant alive and healthy. And when they will be alive and healthy, when they will be fresh. So here, I will give you some tips to keep your plant alive, when you leave for the vacation. 

Pants characteristics

Before doing anything to keep alive. First, you should be aware of the kind of plants and it’s requirements. Look we all know, the water, sunlight, and soil are the basic needs of any plant. Yes, I know it’s required manure, trimming time to time, etc. But above mentioned three things are the most essential requirements. But the requirements of every plant is different. Some plants need water once in a week, some need twice in a week, and some every day. Just like water, they have different sunlight requirements. And, as you know, indoor plants grow in soil and water both, and some In only soil or only water. So, according to these characteristics, divide your plants. 

Water according to the weather conditions before leaving the home 

Look, most people stay in their homes which requires water once a week or twice a week. Now, think about the weather conditions. Because the requirement of water depends on the weather. If the weather is too hot then the requirements for water increase. So before leaving the home, water the plant according to the weather. 

Water drip system

If the weather is in which rain falls once in a day. Then you don’t need it if you are going for a week or 10 days. This is only for those plants which require water twice a week or once a week. But if your plants require water every day, after that your plant can survive without water at least 4 days without water. But it is only in cool weather conditions. But if the weather is hot, then you need to use a water drip system. It is available online. So you can order online, just like you order flowers bouquet and Send Flowers to Pune to your special one.

Trim properly

Before leaving for the vacation, trim your plant properly. So, its branch can grow properly. Always remember, just like your hair, mustache, nails, and beard plants also need trimming from time to time. So, it can grow sharply and healthily.  

Need proper air

Now, you are going on vacation. So it is obvious that your home will be locked. So keep your want at that place in your home, where plants will get proper air. Because plants need carbon dioxide, you know it very well to prepare food. And when we keep the plant in our home. Always keep a plant that inhales carbon dioxide, otherwise, it can be harmful to you. So keep it somewhere, where it gets proper air. And please, don’t keep the plant in a cozy place, keep them in your hall. 

Requirement of sunlight

When people keep plants then, except for a few plants, most plant requirements are low. Mostly plants require indirect sunlight. So you can keep them on the table of your home. And remember, it should be in front of the window but at a distance. You can keep it anywhere, where it can get sunlight indirectly but at a distance. And remember, the curtain should be down of the window.

Keep Your Plant Alive
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