Best Dog Food

Best Dog Food

The best dog food on the market and all-natural dog food
Let me guide you through the process of finding the best dog food. I know for sure what’s the best food because I’m a vet … or is it really true?
No, sorry, pop that bubble and I’ll tell you the truth – Nobody knows! I’m serious, I really believe the whole story of food and nutrition is unknown. So what can you do? Female Rogue Names

I think that many known facts and different perspectives have to be considered. So, merge it with your belief. Mix these two and decide which would be the best dog food.

If you find this difficult, I’ve created this link to help you: 10 Best Dog Food Tips. Here I have made a list of what I consider most important to take into consideration when deciding which dog food would be best.
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General factors in finding the best dog food
Finding the best food based on age is important. Especially important in large and fast growing dogs. Eating too much can have a fatal impact on your joints. A patient of mine had an OD in the elbow. No one else in the litter had any problems. But he was fed unlimited and the growth rate was too fast – OD result in the elbow. The right balance between energy and calcium is very important.

An older dog can have health problems. Gradually they become stiffer in the joints. The sense of smell fades and perhaps some kidney or liver problems appear. This has placed special demands on nutrition and eating habits
Dog capture:
Large or small dogs. No, they don’t have the same needs. The energy intake for example a small dog needs 100 kcal / kg per day if a larger dog needs 50 kcal / kg per day. Smaller dogs often have more problems with plaque on their teeth. Older dogs often have joint problems. Important for larger dogs not to eat in large and quick portions as this could be involved in the gastric torsion complex, hence many different factors.

In my practice it often seems that small dogs get more picky. They don’t want the dried food diet – they just like regular food. Well, don’t they know what’s best for them? Or is there some other factor that could explain this? – We’ll talk about that later.
Purebred dog:
The Labrador has some problems. German Shepherds other problems. Rottweiler has special needs and so on. Now, most commercial dog foods have taken this to heart. They have made exclusive dog food for certain breeds.

Dog health problem:

If this is the case or you are unsure, speak to your veterinarian. The dog health problem is challenging and much can be done in prevention and treatment while feeding. Diseases such as:

Heart disease
Digestive problems
Liver problems
Canine skin problem
Problems with the pancreas
Age-related joint problems
Food allergy
Obesity (if it is a disease)
It can be addressed by giving the best dog food anyway.

Get more information on dog diseases and dog health see here Dog Health Handbook or here Foods for disease and health rated 1 to 10 Best dog food

All Natural Dog Food – What Are Natural?
The word natural is often used in commercials as natural itself is a sign of quality. This is not always the case! By the way, what is natural? Are dog breeds natural? I do not think so. Not many races would have walked the earth without the involvement of humans. In fact, we have developed many dog breeds. Not all times are natural in the sense that they are physiologically perfect. Some breeds may have flaws, but depending on the breed it is considered normal.

My point is. Think and analyze when you read or hear the word natural It is used for real or simply to generate a feeling that makes you buy.

All natural dog food is perfect for some dogs. All natural dog food doesn’t have to be complicated in any way or take a long time to prepare.

On the other hand there may be times when our modified dogs need modified food. The best dog food is not the best for all dogs. If I had to express myself very black or white.

I’m certainly not against natural food or commercial dog food.

I’m just against one or the other.

Just to recommend prepared food or just natural or organic homemade dog food – that’s not me. In some cases the owner / dog relationship is better with the first or sometimes with the second.

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