What are the Best Exercises for Upper Chest

upper chest muscles
upper chest muscles

When we’re exercising, we always want to achieve absolute perfection. That is always far from reality, as the workout is tough and it requires a lot of dedication and commitment. When you’re working on your upper chest, you’re supposed to be building up the muscles that are fundamentally one of the biggest in your body.

In order to maximize the productivity of your exercises, it’s important that you know which exercises are the best for your chest. That’s why we’re here to help you with that. Here are the best exercises for the upper chest which you can start working on today.

Bench Press

The most popular and effective exercise is called bench press. It is extremely effective and you’re going to be able to strengthen your muscles in no time by doing it. This is performed by laying on a bench while you’re lifting a poll with 2 weights on each side. It isolates your chest and makes you gain muscle mass a lot faster than you would with other exercises. You need to be careful with the weight, though.

You never want to put more weight than you can one hundred per cent lift. You could easily hurt yourself if the weight falls down on your neck and face. Have someone stand over you just in case you can’t lift it.

Non-fixed bench press

This is another form of the bench press that utilizes two weights instead of one. Some people think that this is the better of doing a bench press, and they might be right. Your muscles aren’t as fixated as they are when you’re doing the normal bench press. Your muscles have a lot more motion and that can result in healthier muscles in the long run.

Not to mention the fact that you’re going to be activating some other muscles in the process. You’re a lot safer as well because even if the weights fall down, they won’t be falling down on your neck. Still, be sure to put on as much weight as you think it’s safe. Don’t go overboard.


Let’s talk about the biggest classic of them all. Pushups have been an excellent exercise for over a millennium now. It’s the best possible chest exercise if you’re looking into callisthenics. The only downside to it is that you’re going to build your muscle mass a lot slower.

This is why gym tools such as a power rack or a dumbbell are generally more preferred. They work in such a way that they completely focus your muscle on one task. Pushups are great if you are someone who wants to do upper chest exercises at home or outside. The risk of hurting yourself doesn’t exist. It is completely safe and you’re going to be able to do them every day without having to worry about damaging your muscles.

Chest Dips

Another very popular chest exercise in which you’re holding yourself with your arms extended on a power rack or anything that can maintain you from both sides. You’re slowly going to dip and then raise yourself up. This can be an extremely difficult exercise if you’ve never worked it out before.

This is why people with a bit more weight are usually told to try the chest dips when they build a little bit more muscle. You’re practically pulling all of your weight, which can be very difficult. You can even injure your arms if you’re not careful or warmed up enough. Make sure that you do this exercise with people around you first, until you get used to it.

In summary, you’re going to be working out a lot in the gym. Focusing on one muscle area is never recommended, but it’s always good to know the best exercises for every muscle. These are effectively the best upper chest exercises that you can do. Of course, there are many more, but we think that these are the best and most simple to perform, while also being difficult. Remember to always take your time and don’t rush anywhere. You will end up hurting your body and nobody wants to see that happening. Take it easy and try to give it all of you got.

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