Best Gifts For Plant Enthusiasts To Present To Lighten Them Up And Even Their Homes

Plant Enthusiasts

It is difficult to find a gift that will stand the test of time, but giving plants is one way to try. Perhaps the most essential element of selecting a houseplant as a gift is knowing your recipient. A water-loving succulent would be ideal for a busy friend on the go, while a shade-tolerant fern would be more fitting in a cosy apartment with a caring owner. 

Find an unconventional option that will put the recipient’s skills to the test if they are already a plant lover. In any case, a ceramic pot and a container of suitable soil can be an excellent addition to your chosen plant.

Indoor plants can enhance the beauty of your living space, awaken positive energy, and can also be the best decoration in your home. Below we have listed 5 indoor plants that are believed to improve the flow of good energy and positive mood. You can buy these plants after buying a new apartment or give them to your friends/relatives.

Pilea Peperomioides

The flat-leaved Pilea peperomioides, also known as the Chinese money plant or coin plant, is a popular choice among plant enthusiasts. What’s great about this cute plant is that it produces little babies in the soil, which means it’s still multiplying. Plus, the receiver will give the propagations as gifts. 

Giving someone one plant has the opportunity to bring them 50 plants over time, particularly if they think this plant’s unique shape is particularly attractive. Buy plants online actually saves a lot of your time so order it now.

Bird’s-Nest Fern in Large Rosenbaum Pot

A fern would not be content if you neglect to water it, so these plants are ideally suited for home gardeners with just some experience. The complexity of fern varieties varies (maidenhair is one of the more difficult), and the bird’s-nest fern falls right in the centre. This plant is ideal for those who are already committed to a regular watering schedule, as it needs more water than most.

Thai Constellation Variegated Monstera

Although the traditional monstera leaf has become commonplace, the patterned, variegated variety is much more uncommon and will delight even the most experienced plant enthusiast. Since it isn’t commonly grown commercially, it’s a very difficult plant to come across. If you give somebody that as a gift, they would understand that you went through a lot of trouble to find it. 

It’s clarified that it’s a plant for experts because the genetic changes that give it its distinctive pattern often make it weaker and less robust. Even though propagating them and then caring for them over time requires a lot of patience and care, they will make excellent gifts for people who are knowledgeable about plants. Order indoor plants online for a greener space in your loved ones’ room.

Euphorbia Lactea Variegata ‘White Ghost’

Euphorbia lactea, an unusual-looking white cactus, is also another gift that will amaze plant lovers due to its uniqueness and the difficulty it can be to preserve. People believe succulents and cacti are simple to care for, but plant experts agree that they must be watered on a regular basis. Between waterings, make sure the soil is fully dry. 

The “White Ghost” euphorbia is described as “completely gorgeous.” Plant lovers can enjoy these cacti, which are more difficult to come by (they’re only produced in a few areas with the right climate) and can be as old as 10 to 15 years old, making them “super-slow growers.”

Pothos ‘Jade’

Trailing pothos is a nice introduction to learning the language of plants and is one of the top options for plant newbies. This is because a pothos plant’s leaves have a “clear wilt” when they are thirsty, so it does not take much practice to know when it needs watering. 

Get this plant by searching for indoor plants online and get it today. Unlike other plants, you do not have to touch the soil to get a sense of how wet it is. They are extremely resilient and quickly recover. After a decent watering, the plant pops up and looks a bit more vibrant. They make lovely house plants, and since they trail, new growth is more noticeable than on some other plants, so they inspire trust in the gift receiver.

Make your loved one’s life and home a healthier space by gifting them these amazing plants as presents right away. Get it delivered to them very soon and surprise them with the best gift.

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