Best Short Treks in India

Short Treks in India

The seventh biggest country in our world is blessed with many physiographical features.

Starting with the mesmerizing highest mountain peak in the North to the rejuvenating coastlines in the South. India has destinations for all moods.

But in the 21st century, the main issue is with the lack of time. The adventure seeker inside every workaholic needs little out in the wind short trips. 

Even if you get one weekend for yourself, here we have some exciting short treks from all corners of our country.

Short treks in North

1. Nagtibba Trek

Best season to visit: from April to June / October  to December

Duration: 2 days

Altitude: 3,022m

The short and sweet trek of Nagtibba is situated in the Garhwal Himalayan ranges. Blessed with multiple landscapes and forested areas, this trek can be done in a small span of time.

Starting at the Pantwari village this is a round trail trek. 

The vision of the Gangotri group of peaks is the motivation for completing this trek. If planning for the winter season, then trekkers find the snow peak of Garhwal ranges.

2. Deoban Trek

Best time to visit: December to March

Duration: 2days

Altitude: 9,850 ft

Here we have an amazing trekking spot for not-so-experienced trekkers. Easily accessible and the mountainous view makes this trek worth your weekend time.

The rejuvenating view of the peak comes after crossing the lush green forest trails filled with oak and Pine trees.

If you are a photographer, then the forest will be more interesting to you as it is home to various species of plants and birds.

During the winters, the green trail turns white because of the snow and that also includes the peaks.

You can camp with your family near the meadow and enjoy the weekend.

3. Patalsu Peak Trek

Best time to visit: March to October

Duration: 4 days

Altitude: 4,220 m

Now, for the newbie trekkers, Manali has just the trek for your short trip. Patalsu Peak Trek, near Sholang valley of Himachal Pradesh, gives a perfect view of Dhauladhar ranges.

Just like many Himalayan treks, this trek also takes you through alpine forests and meadow.

What makes this trek very convenient for all is the less difficult level of hiking. Many activities like campfire, bonfire, and trekking make the visit memorable. 

Short treks in Western Ghats

4. Lohagad Fort Night Trek

Best time to visit: July to September

Duration: 1 day

Altitude: 1,033m

One of the unique treks of the night owls. Visit Lonavala-Khandala at a fine winter weekend and plan for a night trek.

Lohagad is a hilltop fort and is mostly preferred by the trekkers during winter and monsoon.

It is a huge fort with a rich history. It is covered with lush greenery is famous for a birds-eye view senearies.

The sunrises from this hilltop fort are epic and the whole point of hiking the fort.

5. Kumara Parvatha Trek

Best time to visit: November to February

Duration: 2days

Altitude: 5,600ft

Not just trek but this place in Karnataka will acquire you in many other activities. There is a lot to see!  

Like, for starting there is one more peak which lies before Kumara Parvatha Peak which is known as Sesha Parvata. 

Then there is a very famous and ancient temple and a wildlife sanctuary which are worth a visit.

For reaching Kumara Parvatha peak one has to cross all these locations situated in Sesha Parvata and surprisingly all of this can be covered in just 2 days.

But this trek has a trail of grassland and waterfalls which doesn’t make it tiring but very refreshing.

6. Nishani Motte Trek

Best time to visit: November to April

Duration: 2 days

Altitude: 1,270m

In my mystical Coorg, this short trek is a total escape in the jungle. The forest, the meadow, the melody of running water, and the varieties of flora and fauna are the features of this trek.

One can have a glimpse of the beauty of Western ghats during the trek. Whether you are an expert or not, this trek is easily accessible.

Nishani Motte trek is surprisingly unknown to many trekkers but it has a lot more to offer.

Leave the city behind and choose this trek.

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