Best Tips To Make Hybrid Teaching More Effective

Hybrid Teaching

The hybrid model of learning and teaching uses both in-person and online options purposefully. As difficult as the decision was to close schools and colleges and force virtual learning in the face of the novel coronavirus, educators should make new, perhaps more difficult, decisions about how to resume the learning classes in the fall. In this post, we’ll discuss some tips to make the hybrid teaching more effective and successful, let’s have a look at them: 

Make around what is important to learn for students

Effective hybrid courses face-to-face instruction and fully integrate online, planning interactions are all based on good teaching practice. Build your great hybrid course starting with the learning objectives that all are listed in your teaching syllabus. Then, as you’re taking your course, choose and align the delivery technology, method, and assignments that will be the best to help the students learn the content and objectives. Online learning resources have benefits that improve learning, such as progress monitoring and immediate feedback. Mainly, the hybrid course is balanced to have technology-facilitated work, more online, and fewer in-person meetings.

Integrate the experience

 If you’re encouraging the online learning and discussions, reference them in class to confirm their value. You can design the in-person and online interactions in such a way that rather than feeling disjointed, they support each other. Engaging online learning and assigning challenging activities and then discuss them in person, inviting questions.

Support the success of students

In hybrid learning, students must be more self-dependent and self-driven. To support their success, teach them the use of tools by holding a technology onboarding session on how to use them and where to go for help.  Build-in support for self-directed learning and set clear expectations, such as checking their understanding, encouraging students to plan,  reflect on their learning, and study more as required.

Plan effective interactions

Hybrid learning gives us a lot of flexibility and opportunities in how to interact with students. Different types of interaction fall into the following three categories, such as learner-learner interactions, learner-instructor interactions, and learner-content interactions. 

Assess online learning

Since teachers won’t be in the room with their students when communicating the rules, they are taking the test, and instructions before the exam.  The study rules may include how many opportunities students have to complete their online test if they need to put away all mobile devices, if they can save and come back later to finish, and whether it is an open or closed book exam. With the help of opportunity, you can reduce the possibility of cheating in exams. 

Approach learning

In a hybrid teaching, encourage your students to keep control of their learning. You can also help them stay on track, by using such technology with progress monitoring functionality. Start it by enabling your learners to choose how they engage with the content and objectives. Then encourage the learners to reflect and monitor their learning. Help your learners to improve the approach of their learning by motivating them and teaching them easily and effectively. 

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