Best Trekking Destinations In Himachal

Trekking Destinations In Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is certainly a place where one sees the splendiferous Himalayas. It must be a place where God must be taking a breath every while. It is nestled in snow, the landscapes, temples and hills that glorify this place even more. 

In India, mountains of Himachal Pradesh is the best place for all the adventure lovers. Here mentioned are the best treks one must do in Himachal Pradesh to have serenity and peace:

  1. Triund Trek

Imagine camping and bonfire on the ranges of Dhauladhar is ultimate to experience for. Especially the scenery Triund offers at night is spectacular to watch for. The trail starts from the foot of Dhauladhar range where one comes across shepherd routes of Kangra and Chamba. The trek is for one day and it starts from Mcelodganj known as little Lhasa with its huge Tibetan population. And the endless sights of deodars, rhododendrons and carefree cattles are what makes this trek amazing. 

Altitude- 2,875 meters

Best time to visit- August to October 

  1. Hampta pass Trek, Manali 

Hampta pass trek got its name from Hampta village that lies in Pir Panjal range at  a height of 14,000 feet. The trek begins from Kullu Manali valley and ends at the top of Chandra valley of Lahaul. Throughout the journey one can see the views of oak and walnut trees and thick forests that look completely beautiful. The trek is not much difficult but moderately tiring but when one reaches the top it is worth to watch the view in front and it will refresh one which one has never felt before. 

Altitude- 4,270 meters

Best time to visit- June to October

  1. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu lake trek is best for beginners in Himachal Pradesh. And one experiences the fascinating peaks that one has never seen before and that too merely in two days. Bhrigu lake is home to Bhrigu Maharishi and it holds great importance for the people there. So one must visit this enthralling lake before the lake starts to freeze during mid June. One can watch out for perfect valleys, trees and wild berries which will leave one spellbound. 

Altitude- 4,300 meters

Best time to visit- Mid May to November except July and August 

  1. Kheerganga Trek, Kasol 

Kheerganga trek is the perfect destination to visit that opens all the doors to heaven. And one will forget the counting time as one witnesses alluring river Kheerganga and other breathtaking views. One sees the magical Parvati valley that looks utterly beautiful. And what more, Kheerganga’s panoramic skies and lush greenery are an ultimate delight to the trekkers’ eyes. 

Altitude- 3,050 meters

Best time to visit- May- June or September- October 

  1. Indrahar Pass Trek, Dharamshala

Indrahar pass trek is one of the most popular places in Dharamshala under Himachal Pradesh which starts from Kangra valley and will take one to the Ravi river basin and the extempous ranges of Dhauladhar. One will witness snow bridges, deodar trees and snaky mountain streams which are the major attractions of this place. 

Altitude- 4,342 meters

 Best time to visit- April to October

  1. Prashar Lake, Mandi 

Prashar lake trek indulges one to see the 180 degrees views of the Kinnaur and Pir Panjal ranges. One will unravel the Dhauladhar ranges in an extremely different and spectacular way. Prashar lake involves two routes namely Jabalpur village and Baggi village. Jabalpur route is the most suitable as one will trek through snow capped mountains in winters. The trail follows a charming path through dense forests and several rivulets. 

Altitude- 2,713 meters 

Best time to visit- December to February

  1. Beas Kund Trek, Manali 

Beas kund trek a three day trek is the one which is a perfect choice for beginners. One enjoys the scenic beauty of Dhauladhar ranges and it will take one to the Beas river valley from where the river originates. It is the trek where one sees the views of green trees all around and meadows which will definitely add charm to one’s journey. 

Altitude- 3,690 meters

Best time to visit- June to October

  1. Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Spiti 

Pin Parvati trek is the most challenging trek where one passes through the snowy landscapes, alluring mountains and lush meadows. And this trek requires almost a duration of 9 days which tests the endurance of stamina. At the top of the beak one will see Buddhist monasteries of Ki Gompo and Tabo and it is where Kullu and Spiti valleys connect to each other. One can spot snow leopards here if the luck favours and enjoy the hot springs in the midst of snow. 

Altitude- 5,319 meters

Best time to visit- July and September 

These treks will leave one with the memories for a lifetime and it will rejuvenate one’s soul. 

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