Best Ways To Workout At Home During COVID-19

Workout At Home During COVID-19

Coronavirus is a pandemic that has infected many people worldwide and has now also reached India, as the number of coronavirus cases in the country has increased fastly. Officials are exercising every right to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Staying at home and keeping social distance can slow the spread of the coronavirus. (Workout At Home During COVID-19) 

Slowing down the spread of viruses does not have to mean giving up a workout routine, though. Even by staying at home, you can perform plenty of exercises at home. As all gyms and yoga classes have been ordered to close due to coronavirus, though, the need to keep an eye on our physical and mental health is more important than ever. Today, we’ll share some ways to workout at home during COVID-19. 


At a time of uncertainty and immense stress, the controlled breathing and slow movement of yoga can help with physical tension and ease anxiety. You don’t need to go outside to do yoga, you can do it at your home. It’s not only for adults, but even elders can also do it to stay healthy


It does not need fancy gym equipment or even weights. If you do not have weights, you can also use heavy books, cans, or other weighty objects instead. simply lie on your back and press the weights up, hold one in each of your hands, to bench press with free weights. You can also do shoulder exercise, try extending your arms out, down, and to the side after pressing the weights up. Try incorporating weights into your bodyweight exercise routine, lunging, and squatting with the weights in the hands. Alternatively, try shoulder presses, bicep curls, and tricep extensions. 


Going for a morning walk is safe if you maintain a social distance from other people at least six feet as the guidelines. But make sure that you don’t go to the crowded areas or narrow hiking trails where contact with others is inevitable. It will not only keep you active and strong but also offer a change of scenery. Try to plan a walk during the quiet hours of the early morning or evening when fewer people are out. This will help you to keep yourself healthy and stress-free.


If you have stationary bikes may find that high energy cycling classes are an ideal way to cope with the anxiety that COVID-19 pandemic can cause. Getting on a bicycle and going for a ride is safe if you maintain a safe distance from other people of at least 6 feet.


Several Pilates versions are taught today and the majority are based on control, concentration, flow, center, breathing, and precision. Studies say that it will not only improve your balance but also has proven to be an effective treatment for medical conditions like Asthma. You can practice it at your home to keep yourself healthy. 

Fitness and health do not need a gym or even any special skill. A daily commitment to stretching, movement, any mental and physical activity that feels physically and mentally good can help people stay active and fit even if during the quarantine period.

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