Can A Girl Get Pregnant Right After Her Period Ends?

Pregnant Right After Her Period Ends

Well , Periods has a lot to say in every woman’s life. Whether it’s good or bad ,and how you treat it. You may or may not like the way it affects your life but it does. If you ovulate within a regular interval , then the chances are higher that you will get pregnant . Normal period cycle occurs within a 28days gap. But it may vary from 21 days to 35 days.

Timing of pregnancy 

Timing is very important in every aspect of life but it is most important when it comes to timing of pregnancy. Every woman has a six days of monthly time period when she is most fertile .  This includes : 1) five days leading up to ovulation , 2) the day when ovulation occurs. After ovulation the ovum can get fertilized within 24 hours from the time when it gets released from the ovary.  

When you are menstruating your body’s progesterone level gets lower which is the indication that your body is gearing up for the next fertilization window. At this time, the uterine lining of your uterus gets shredded. This cycle will keep going on and on and on until menopause. Pregnancy also depends upon the following factors like PCOD, and other factors. 

Some women ovulate again within 6 days and some women ovulate around 14 days after the 1st day of last periods that’s why chances of getting pregnant varies from woman to woman. 

How fertile are you right after your period ends?

Many woman considers that its safe for having sex without contraceptives because there are very less chance of getting pregnant two days after the period ends. But as we don’t know the exact time of ovulation and vitality of sperm it is possible to get pregnant as well.

How long should one wait?

If you are trying unprotected sex then it is quite impossible to get rid of chances of pregnancy 100%.  Every month , your normal menstrual cycle occurs for 4-6 days means it starts on a certain date and lasts for 4-6 days. After 28 days of the last date of the periods your next menstrual cycle starts. Gap of 28days between two subsequent periods is the safe  but that doesn’t total protection from unprotected sex and sometimes accidental may happen. You should also remember that sperm can continue to survive in your body at that time, if you had sex without any protective measure.  

Even If your periods are a little bit irregular, so is your fertility state. And always remember that your cycle can change at any time, without giving you any hint beforehand.

How could you figure out your ovulation pattern to check pregnancy?

BBT (basal body temperature)– using BBT as pregnancy calculator has been useful in many cases for many years. But , if you are planning for a baby then this procedure may be helpful in understanding the approximate time of ovulation. You need to have a BBT thermometer to track the basal body temperature of your body which is especially built for this purpose . After getting up from the bed in the morning, take your temperature everyday at the same time before doing anything else.  Notedown, these temperatures periodically at the same time each & everyday. If you see there is a temperature elevation for 3 days straight then there is a possibility that you may have ovulated.

Progesterone test kits- women who are suffering from PCOS find difficulty with getting periods on a regular basis. They can use progesterone test kits to detect progesterone hormone level in the body . Progesterone hormone releases immediately after the ovulation . So depending upon these parameters you can self diagnose that you have ovulated or not. So you can use progesterone hormone test kits to check that you are at risk of pregnancy or not.   

At-home ovulation predictor kits– this is also one kind of ovulation predictor kit which works by detecting  luteinizing hormone (LH), which soars before 1-2 days of ovulation . So these kits can predict when you’re going to ovulate, but it is unable to indicate the exact time when it happens.


Getting pregnant at any time during your cycle is very common. If you had unprotected sex and you are not sure of your pregnancy you should consult a gynecologists’ and take advice from him/her for better management of your pregnancy and women health.

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