Common Myths About Web Development In 2021
Myths About Web Development

Web presence has proved out to be a lifeboat in the sinking ship of businesses and services in 2020. The pandemic made us face the hard reality of life, that biggest of business and professional service providers can also face losses and some getting closed permanently. We came across the live example of Survival of the Fittest. Whether it was the matter of life or businesses, only the ones that could adapt to the circumstances have welcomed 2021 and made the most out of the worst in the year 2020.

One such change was Web presence. Others had to switch overnight to get back to their position by being available online. Still, there is a large section of people who are still in a bubble of myths and afraid of bursting the bubble. Here follow the common myths of web development.

Web development is easy

Web developers need to invest hours of hard work to present the best UI experience. It requires creativity, knowledge, and experience for an apex outcome. Technology has brought us very near to automation. With everything being served to us automatically and singlehandedly with ease, Such tools can only help you make the basic and simplest of single-page websites. For specific features to work out, web specialists need to be hired. They are the experts who can code the website requirements and help fix the bugs if any.

Working with The Basic Functionality

For any successful transaction to take place online, there are a few functionalities that need to adhere before the final checkout.

The product description, payment process, and order handling need to be smooth and efficient. A simple website with product information cannot solve the purpose of making the sale. It needs a proper checkout page with a certain API integration that makes transactions smooth. Further, it needs an order tracking feature too. Everything needs to be planned to execute the plan of action and hence save on time and cost thereafter.

Getting Services from the next door developer

There are still many people who believe that hiring a company or developer nearest to you works the best. The in-person dealing cannot always promise you quality and efficiency. In fact, Offshore development with expertise and creativity can work out the best with the most modern technologies available.

Working on ready-made templates

Some people believe that ready-made templates cannot offer them unique solutions. However, it must be noted that the best of websites are the result of CMS designed out of those templates only. It’s not important to start from scratch, as such templates save on time and cost too.

Web development is costly

People still think that web development is costly and will only add to their operational costs. However, it is important to understand that it’s just an initial investment that can work out and reap a good rate of return in the future. Providing services online can ultimately help in increased sales and profitability that will eventually compensate for the costs. Technology and web presence play a very substantial role and as such must be considered as a cost that should not be ignored.

Virtual Image is a Reality check

Web presence is the art of making your virtual image front. If storefront and interiors play a role in attracting customers in person, Websites and a smooth user interface with efficient checkout are the factors that present the virtual image of the business or service provider. A great website with a smooth User Interface and functionalities attracts user traffic. Moreover, the page loading time Further plays a deciding factor as to how long a user will remain on the website as pages that take time to load are usually ignored.


Specialization or expertise may result in a little cost but offer great returns. Web development with a single page and zero functionality are equal to not available at all. Web development is the art of working on Nuances, choosing the best-suited frontend framework, and strengthening the backbone with a foundation backend. So, look out for your technology partners that promise reliability and efficiency in an affordable budget for your most suited web needs.

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