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Summary: This is a solution article for the queries related to “convert VCF to CSV Mac”. Learn the different methods to convert VCF files to CSV format Mac and Windows. And find out the best solution with a complete guide. 

vCard or VCF file format is the most commonly used file extension to store the contact files. Address book application on Mac OS uses vCard format to save the contact information. 

CSV (comma-separated Values) files are common plain text files that save the information separated by a comma. *.csv files can be accessed using Microsoft Excel also. The details are filled in one line record. All the fields are separated by double quote characters with a comma separator. 

To import the vCard contact files to Outlook or another email client one must export Address Book vCard files to CSV format. Therefore, find out the perfect method from here.

Convert VCF to CSV Mac – vCard to CSV Exporter Application

When converting files with contact or personal information to another format, get a tool that provides a 100% safe and secured solution. Try vCard Converter for Mac, a single tool with multiple functionalities. Convert VCF to CSV Mac using the toolkit using the select saving options. As the tool has different saving options such as CSV, PST, MSG, PDF, HTML, MHT, DOC, etc. 

The utility comes with a simple and unique user interface to convert the vCard files. While performing the conversion, a user with or without technical expertise can execute the task. View the information in the vCard contact files on the software. All the details such as Full Name, Email, Company, and Mobile Number. Also, get the complete information like Business No., Mobile No., Webpage Address, Home Address, etc.  

The procedure to use the application is mentioned below. Carry out the steps carefully to convert VCF to CSV without any trouble.

Steps to Convert VCF to CSV Mac 

Start by downloading and installing the application on the macOS. And later follow the steps mentioned below to achieve the task.

  • Add VCF file using Add File(s) or Add Folder(s). The press Next button.
  • Get the scanned VCF files on the software panel. From VCF Files/Folder choose the preferred file.
  • Click on the file to preview vCard contact details. 
  • Now, go to the Convert option from the top menu. Choose an appropriate destination location. 
Convert VCF to CSV Mac using MacUncle vCard Converter
  • Go to Convert to other formats and select CSV. Hit the Ok button to proceed with the process. 

Instantly you will receive different notifications on conversion completion and trial version limitation. After the whole process completes the directory with *.csv files will open up.  

Vital Aspect of the Application

Before purchasing the application test the tool with Trail version of vCard to CSV Converter for Mac. Using the trial/demo version export 5 vCard contact file to CSV format without any hindrance. For complete conversion of VCF files to CSV format upgrade the application to professional edition to have all the features.

Now, let’s discuss some of the important features of the application while converting vCard to CSV format on Macintosh OS. 

  • Support Multiple vCard Conversion: Use the Add option to add VCF files to the software. Able to upload single or multiple vCard files individually. Or add the complete folder with VCF contact files. 
  • Choose Desired VCF files: As a result of adding vCard files to the software, the tool scans all the files. Users are free to choose the desired file via the check box provided.  
  • Get Multiple Solution: Using the toolkit convert VCF to CSV Mac and get the other solutions too. Split large vCard files, merge vCard files, also convert VCF to another version.
  • No External Support Required: The whole conversion process can be done or executed within the software itself without relying on external applications. After the conversion gets the converted file in the location provided. 
  • Free to Choose the location: The Saving path allows you to choose a location to store the converted VCF contact files on Mac. Either save the converted file to the desktop to avoid confusion.


Finally, the write-up is about how to convert VCF to CSV on Mac OS. From here get the solution, procedure, and reasons to download the app. With a variety of functionality, the utility has a simple and direct method of converting the vCard contact files. Mac users must get the tool if they have multiple contact files. Get other solutions on A1Articles

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