How to Copy Files Between OneDrive for Business Accounts – 2 Modern Day Solutions

How to Copy Files Between OneDrive for Business Accounts - 2 Modern Day Solutions

Plot Summary: The two most reliable solutions are going to be discussed in this article to move files between OneDrive for business accounts. If you have the same query with yourself then stay tuned you will get the same by the end of this article. Moreover, we will discuss the pros and cons of using these methods. So, let’s get started!

The simplest method: Manual Walk Around to Copy Files Between OneDrive Accounts

The manual approach is quite easy – you just need to download the required files in bulk (or one by one) and upload them to the destination OneDrive account. It is the best way to perform this operation if you have few/small data files, or you are having older versions of a computer with weak internet connectivity and you are having a lot of time. Then you can use this approach. Here are the steps discussed for the same:

Stage 1. Sign in to the Source OneDrive account.

  • Firstly, browse to now, you can see at the top of this page, a Sign In button. Click on it.
  • Now, use your source OneDrive account credentials such as the email and password respectively to log in to this portal.

Stage 2. Choose Desired Files/Documents & Download

  • Create a new folder by the name Export and then, from this home screen of OneDrive you can select all the desired data files folders that you may need to migrate to the destination account. Copy all these files to this Export folder.
  • Now click on the Download button then your internet browser will start downloading this folder to your local storage in a zip file.

Stage 3. Upload the File to the Destination OneDrive Account

  • Now, following the same step, sign in to your destination OneDrive account using your destination account credentials. 
  • Click on the upload button and select this folder from the local storage and click on the upload. Now, you have to wait, while your local system starts uploading these data to your account.

In this way, you can use the manual approach to move files between OneDrive accounts.

Limitations of Manual Walk Around to Copy Files Between OneDrive Accounts

However, this approach is not suitable for large data files and folders as it can get crashed while uploading that much data. Moreover, it has its own respective drawbacks and limitations as well.

The manual approach cannot maintain the file integrity, hierarchy, and structure while migrating to the destination account. Which can create confusion in data management or data arrangement and lead users to data loss or accidentally data deletion.

This approach does not provide you any smart filters for selective data migration you have to manually select all the data. Which might become a tedious task to perform, if having tons of files and folders.

Moreover, if you are having multiple OneDrive accounts to be migrated then, you cannot perform this task by using the manual way.

Let’s discuss the best alternative to it. Read below and find out the best way for all the possible scenarios discussed above for successful OneDrive migration.

Quick & Reliable Alternative to Manual Approach to Move Files Between OneDrive For Business Accounts:

As, the manual approach is not suitable for all conditions as discussed above, moreover, as we all know there is no such tool provided by Microsoft for carrying out data migration in Office 365 or OneDrive.

Therefore, we suggest the most efficient, secure, and reliable software i.e. OneDrive to OneDrive Migration Tool. This is a tried and tested well-engineered software for all types of data migration in Office 365 and OneDrive as well. Let’s discuss the working guide for it.

Steps to Move Files Between OneDrive for Business Accounts with Screenshots

Let’s go through the working steps of this software along with respective screenshots. Follow the steps carefully as discussed below:

Step 1

To start with the procedure you need to download the above-mentioned software and install it on your system. You can launch it and then have to opt for Office 365 as the source and destination data migration platform.


Step 2

This is a high-performing software designed in this way that it can perform multiple types and cross platforms data migration. Hence, in order to perform OneDrive migration, you have to check the Document box from the workload selection. Moreover, you have to enable 2 more things i.e. migrate document permission and allow group mapping.


Smart Option:  If you have large files and you want to migrate only selective data, despite migrating the whole data file, you can use the smart date filter provided in this software. Which enables you to migrate data selectively by applying a date range filter. Use it if required and proceed with the next step.

Step 3

Now you need to provide the Office 365 admin account credentials to log in, in order to validate the required permissions. Therefore, provide the source and destination admin ID and application ID and log in to the portal and then hit the validate button.


Step 4

In this step, you can create group mapping between the source and the destination OneDrive accounts. Use any of these three options given: Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download Template.


Step 5

Once, user mapping between the source and the destination tenants gets completed, then you have to click on the validate button for permission validation.

Step 6

Lastly, after the successful validation of required permission just hit the start migration button and the software will start copying files between OneDrive accounts safely.

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In this article, we have successfully discussed both approaches i.e. the manual approach and the automated approach in a detailed step-by-step way to move files between OneDrive for business accounts. Users can easily use any of these walks around depending upon their needs.

However, using the above-mentioned software is recommended for copying files from OneDrive to another account with maximum data protection and data integrity.

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