Depression and It’s Ayurvedic Treatment for


What is depression? 

Depression is a problem that seems normal to everyone, but if not paid attention, this problem later turns into mental illness. Let me tell you, people start becoming ignorant even knowing about depression and some people do not even want to talk. Because they feel that the problem of depression will be solved automatically without any treatment, people do not talk to each other thinking that. However, such people feel that talking may cause embarrassment in front of others. Apart from this, you start giving some advice, don’t worry too much and always be happy. 

But if there is an injury in any part of the body, treatment is not only done with advice, but you should contact a good doctor and get treatment. In the same way, you should seek the help of a physician to correct the problem of depression. Ever since the Corona epidemic has spread its foot, people have to do all the work by staying isolated in their homes. Because of this people have started living very depressed, because many people have to stay away from their home, family, friends and relatives. Apart from this, some people are worried about the fear of spoiling their job, family safety and financial condition. But what bothers you, the whole problem goes away. This is the reason why people are getting more sick due to their depression. Nowadays people are talking more about depression. 

As further told you, depression is becoming a big problem for people. Therefore people should think about its treatment. When medicines do not work, then it may be appropriate to seek the help of Ayurvedic treatment. 

The question comes in the mind of many people, can depression be cured with Ayurvedic treatment? Or are there any Ayurvedic treatments available? So let us tell you, Ayurvedic treatment has been more important in our country since ancient times because Ayurvedic treatment is used to overcome many types of health problems and in today’s article we will give you Ayurvedic treatment to prevent depression. Will try to explain in detail. 

What are the Ayurvedic Treatments for Depression? 

Let us explain further. People suffering from depression require refinement, in which several treatments are recommended.

Alchemy Herbs are used to increase body energy, increase lifespan and make life easier. This increases the body’s nervous system and balances the mental, chemical functioning of the person, hence the use of chemicals in treatment. Amalaki Rasayana and Shilajit Rasayana Kalpa, Panchagavya Rasayana can be used for a person suffering from depression. Vomiting helps to flush out the toxins from the stomach and mucus from the nerves. 

Apart from this, sinus disease, head, nausea, difficulty in breathing are overcome. After using oil and Dhee in the treatment of depression, vomiting is recommended using Nenua. 

Basti is used in the treatment especially to strengthen the stomach functions. This treatment removes toxins from the body. In addition, it is used as a tonic so that it can cure many diseases. Yapan Basti and Shirobasti are advised to cure depression. In the treatment of nasal depression, herbs with nasal properties are used. Like using asafoetida and Pancha dhrit etc. 

Nasal Therapy has the ability to affect the senses of the head, thus helping to cure problems such as cramps, paralysis, migraines and depression. The method of strengthening the senses and head is called nasal therapy. Perturbation is beneficial in the treatment of depression as it is used to flush out toxins from the body. It contains purgation karma herb which reduces problems like bleeding disease, pain, fever, obstruction in the stool. However, Trivrit with Virechan is used to cure depression along with this nasal therapy. 

Shirodhara therapy is a part of Shirodhara Panchakarma therapy, it is used to correct problems related to ear, nose, brain and eyes. Shirodhara reduces the symptoms of depression and treats insomnia. In this process, the hot oil is poured on the head, due to which human feels different. In this therapy, light colour, the fragrance of incense sticks are used to calm the mind and music, so that the atmosphere remains good. 

Medicinal oils and buttermilk are used in Shirodhara for people suffering from depression. Apart from this, the head massage is also done. (Read more what are the symptoms of depression). 

For more information on Ayurvedic treatment for the problem of depression, you can contact a good Ayurveda doctor. We only aim to give you information through the article. We do not recommend medication, treatment in any way. Only a doctor can give you good advice. Because no one else is better than them. Even if you are considering taking any medicines make sure you go for ayurvedic medicines many ayurvedic companies like Snaana have come in the market to promote ayurvedic products.

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