Discover And Explore the Far West Parts of Montana

West Parts of Montana

Suppose you have read the Montana itinerary that our Lorenzo did along the Vigilante Trail. In that case, you will undoubtedly be struck by the towns of Virginia City and Nevada City. These are the two destinations that have many fans of western imagery and the most adventurous stories of the Gold Rush. The article cited explains the most common case in which you might find yourself meeting these two towns of the Far West on your way, that is, during a trip from Yellowstone to Glacier National Park, in the far north of Montana. Explore the places by flying using sun country airlines booking options for the best deals and discount offers. 

Visit Virginia City

The first town you will encounter when coming from West Yellowstone along Hwy 287 is, therefore, Virginia City. Unlike Nevada City, which, as we will see, is now literally a ghost town-museum, Virginia City is a relatively lively and undoubtedly authentic town, although inevitably touristy, especially in the high season months. After parking your car near the Visitor Center on Main Street ( Wallace Street ), get a map and start your exploration. They allow a couple of hours to visit on foot: you will encounter more than sixty historic buildings, some original, others reconstructed and converted for commercial use.

In addition to the commercial premises, along Wallace Street, you will see the ancient administrative offices, the school, the hall of Freemasonry, the City Hall, the private homes of the city personalities, and other fascinating buildings built in the Gothic and Greek Revival style. 

Explore Nevada City

To make you understand what awaits you, I want to use the two most famous western US cities as a touchstone: if Virginia City can somehow remember Oatman, to describe the nearby Nevada City, I could perhaps mention Bodie, an abandoned western town not taken by the assault from commercial and tourist activities. Nevada City is in all respects an open-air museum, complete with an entrance ticket: the name is Nevada City Living History Museum and, in addition to the train station / Visitor center, a historic hotel, and an adjacent bar/restaurant, you will not find any other places open to the public. At the museum entrance, they will give you a map (you can also find it below in pdf), which will be useful for you to understand the history, use, and destination of all the beautiful buildings of the town.

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Where to Sleep?

As for staying overnight in the area, you have two options, both of great charm: you will have the possibility to choose between two historic hotels, one in Virginia City and one in Nevada City.

Fairwater Inn: It is a historic hotel dating back to the foundation of the town. It is located on Main Street in Virginia City and is the ideal choice for those who want to enrich the experience of a visit with a stay in absolute Far West style. Already from the outside, the structure presents characteristics of the hotels’ features, such as the terrace and the wooden veranda with chairs and tables to “observe the situation” on the main road. The rooms are rustic in style, the furniture is period, but the few services present are modern. It is not a luxury hotel, but you will have to look elsewhere if you are looking for this type of property!

Nevada City Hotel: as I told you, this is the only accommodation facility in the Nevada City ghost town. The staff is amiable, but it’s the atmosphere that wins out! By sleeping in this charming period hotel, you’ll be even more isolated than in Virginia City. The only noise you’ll hear is the sharp crack of the porch boards, in case the ghost of some old cowboy passes by. The Nevada City Hotel, unlike the Fairwater Inn, also offers a restaurant service.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Frontier Airlines booking ready and start discovering these beautiful cities today!

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