Do Lip Fillers & Injectables Last Longer?

Injectables Last Longer

Making lips smoother and plumper lips is a reality.

All thanks to fillers and injectables for lip augmentation-a revolutionary non-invasive evolution in the world of aesthetic science! 

However, you can have it surgically.

Lip Fillers Last Longer

Lip fillers are the best if you want an attractivepair of lips with minimum invasion and recovery with no downtime. However, exfoliation, anti-aging treatment & many other cosmetic procedures involve them in different types.

Aging naturally steals away collagen and fat from our skin, leading to thinness and sagging of lips. With fillers and injectables, cosmetic doctors replenish with volume. It’s like a magic to get your volume back in your pout naturally.

You can flaunt them as being plump for months or one to two years.

Yes, they last longer!

First, Decide How To Look 

Your idea about how to make them look like should be crystal clear. Consider it beforehand.

So! What should you think about that look?

Well, your idea can stick around making the edges of your lips more pronounced, or, fill their beds with the volume so that they would appear larger.

Once you have clarity about your beauty goals in your mind, the result would be promising. 

Summarise Goals Before Consulting a Doctor

Do ask yourself these questions-what look do I want; do I want to have more defined edges; do I need to fill them up with volume or just make them look larger. These are a few ones that can make sense for you when seeing the doctor. 

Dr. Mohindra, a respected cosmetic physician said, “A few exciting girls and women come for cosmetic injectables in Coolangatta, they bring photos of models that have lips like them. It’s an interesting way to brief exactly what result they expect from me.”

Types of Injectablesto Select From

As aforesaid, you ought to understand what you expect. If you need more collagen to get a fuller pair, collagen can work well. It’s a connective tissue, whichis found in all animals’ body. But, its use is offbeat today. It is simply because of its short life. Besides, there are complaints of allergic reactions upon having it.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

These are amazing when it comes to smooth lines and wrinkles. For lips, you can have it in the injectable form to pronounce your lip-edges. It is safe and forms a gel-like substance, which is made from bacteria. This is found in our body also.

Once you get the injected with, it starts attracting itself to water molecules or moisture in the skin. Gradually, you get that volume in your pout within a week or two. Its beauty lies in its ability to be absorbed by the skin over time. And if you’re not happy with the result, your doctor can dissolve it.

The best thing is that it lasts about six months and more, offering a very natural look. In addition, your collagen production boosts up inside, making it beautifully stout. 

What AboutThe Procedure!

A medical board certified plastic surgeon or skin cancer expert can tell substantial evidences, facts and opinion about this procedure. Just book an appointment to discuss everything.

Generally, the procedure starts with numbing the target area. With a topical gel or lotion, the doctor deprives you of the sensation in that region. Then, needling begins. The selected injectable is put inside in small amount. You might feel a pricking sensation, as the micro-needles piece into.  

While doing so, the cool pack is kept handy so that oozing out blood can be stopped. It also helps in calming down the stinging sensation.


It’s certain that you would have slight swelling on and around the treated area. A few sensitive skins can have small red spots around lips. If yours is a super sensitive case, you might have bruising after it, which may last for a week.

But, don’t worry! The soreness calms down gradually. And, you start feeling wow, as the difference will show up over time. In short, everything will be dramatically changed and it will be all for your good.

Do remember that exercising, intake of Vitamin E and blood thinning pills can be dangerous. Stop popping them before and after the procedure. Make sure that you have come across the detailing of the whole procedure beforehand with pre and post procedure care. 

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